What POG did Nalbandian use?


I think it was the oversize and extended length. I don't know how long but I think it was at least 28 inches.

Does anybody know what black overgrip he used to use?
thats what i tohught
but the head loooks more like the standard pog size to me

and coria no longer uses it
he uses an actual o3 tour until now
but hes back to the kool experimental racquets
but he did use it at one point


I always thought he used the regular POG Longbody with the 100sqi. That head size looks around 100 too me so that would be my guess.


i reckon he would'v used the POG but how r u guys so sure he's using a PJ in that pic? (not that i don't think ur probably right..)


as to why he may have left to yonex, i assume it was for $$$

yonex make some good racquets so no harm done i guess..
Not Pog .. It Is

Prince Tt Graphite Midplus.. 100 Sq Inch Head .. 27.5 Inch Long .
A 'club' Of A Racket .. Heavy And Massive Swingweight .. A Bit On The Bulkier Side .. Heheehe.. But Stable As A Rock.


that's what i was aluding to.. but it might be a PJ - everyone in this thread must think so. i was just interested because that TT graphite is an absolute DOG!!!
no pj

i am quite sure he didnt usae a pj .. i was at a few claycourt torurnaments in euroep in 2002 + 2003 and both bandy and coria ( and also ferrero..) used the true tt graphite midplus..
no pjs.

the tt graphite was special.. i actually liked it.. i worked well on slower surfaces because it hit a very heavy ball with spin and heft .
on hard court or indoors reversely bad.


It is definitely not a real TT Graphite, that model was even under 280 grams. Nalbandians racket is more like 360 grams and 28 inch. Probably a 100 sq.in POG Longbody with a paintjob, this has been discussed many times.


Yeah, I think there is a good chance it was the POG LB with some paint. Coria and Ferrero also used it with PJs. It's the dirtballer's holy grail, and they'd all still be using it if the racquet companies could PJ out the crossbar.
saw that the prince tt graphite midplus has a stationary weight of 326 grams strung .. and it swingweight .. duck , take cover and run:).... is a whopping 356..
its length off the manufatctureres rack/ shelf = no customjob ,is 27.5 inches.. so it is a longbody ..

i find it pretty weird that everybody seems to have´missed out on this racket .. and take for granted a POG is the one.. wake up :) ??!


the prince graphite longbody has 'prince' on both sides near the throat. the one he's using has 'tour' on one side. it could be a longbody..the head looks pretty big but the handle looks pretty long which LBs usually have


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Nalbadian, Coria and Ferrero they all used the POG Longbody in 100 inch pj as the TT Graphite 100, I saw the Raquets in Paris years ago, and you can see on the picture that the cross bar is totaly straigt, on the TT Graphite it was not that straight!


I remember someone talked about how the Triple Threat Braids on his Prince weren't protruding, hence, a pj of the Original (just like the painted Liquidmetal you see on Agassi's and Safin's Heads)
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