What pro's/s' game/s does your game resemble?


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I just added serve and volleying to what I do. It's working extremely well so far. I have an allcourt game, with a great backhand slice, and okay backhand, and actually a weak forehand.

I think I'd be Edberg. A severely, severely toned down version of Edberg. Except he S&Ved constantly.


I hit a 115 serve,and have a Aggresive game with super returns. I play like Lleyton Hewitt. I dont like Lleyton Hewitt personality. My personality is more like Rodger Federer on the court.


I'm a mini Gael Monfils since I'm around 5'6" and 15. I have discovered my serve pretty recently, and it is a Roddick-esque delivery that has become more of an asset then a liability in the past. Even with the big serve, I guess I'm a claycourt type player, like I hear Monfils is. I'm also pretty loose, lanky, and have a lean frame. Like Monfils, I have room to improve.


Lleyton Hewitt. Great passing shots with a slightly better backhand pass. Good topspin lob. Don't come to net often but when I do 9 times out of 10 I'll win the point. Speed and determination are my weapons and can't generate much of my own pace.Even my serve looks like his which I didn't notice until just now...And return of serve is one of my weapons. Yet I'm stil a lowly 4.0......


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Max G. said:
Heh. There isn't any pro that matches my playing style.

I have:

Medium-big first serve; I don't take very much off of it for the second, I know some people say that my second serve can be as hard to return as my first. The price I pay for that is that occasionally, when my serve goes "off" for a bit (which it does often enough) I don't know what to do with it, since I don't really have a "safe" serve to go to.

I have good volleys and good reflexes at net; have got some touch.

Up until now, there are plenty of serve-volley players who I could call as having a similar game to me...

...but then my baseline game just throws off any comparisons...

I have a full western forehand, and when I'm at the baseline I can really crank up the topspin on it; have trouble flattening it out.

I have a slice-only backhand.

On return of serve, I generally hit chip forehand returns as well, unless my opponent is trying to serve and volley.

Have fun finding a pro that plays like that, in the modern game at least.
you have my game!


My golf game is like Tiger Woods'
I drive like Michael Schumacher
Look like Brad Pitt
Mind like Einstein
As a healer I resemble Osler
My game resembles Big Bill Tilden, because he's dead and so is my game.
But I do use the same Penn tennis balls the pros use.
And the Yonex racquet Hewitt uses.


Have any of you guys won any majors, you sound pretty good. Especially the guys over 6 ft serving in the 120s who move well, can volley, and backhand is unreturnable. Oh thats almost everybodys style here. Wow the average poster on this forum is a 6.5; its an honor to meet you guys.


I hate to say Fed because there is really no comparison. But I hit a 1hbh, semi western forehand. (yea i know fed's is more of an eastern). I have a developing all court game.

War Safin!

Nearly all my shots resemble Sampras...definately the serve anyway, My forehand and backhand are a bit more Federer-ish now...


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Just like Hewitt, except with a single handed backhand. Tried to be smooth like Fed, but I cant keep my mouth shut...


Blake, forehand's my weapon, 1hbh thats weak but can slice and come over it and decent serve. soso net game


safin definately for me, i have the same size and build like him and we move on the court very similairly. I also have a sort of jumping bh that I imploy and make a rush to the net sometimes as well. Also sort of like Moya though, big forehand aggresive player.


How about this for all you high-strung guys on this board: What pro's/s' GAME STYLE/S does your game resemble? I can't believe these uptight people.


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An impossible mix of the games of the 2 players situated at the most opposite sides of the tennis spectrum : Brad Gilbert and henry Leconte's games.
I'm a lefty so growing up I idolized McEnroe & Connors' games. I hit a 2H backhand and try to attack on my return of serve like Connors and I tried (emphasis on tried) to emulate his mentality in fighting through matches. I hit with more topspin but my shots are generally flat.

Serving-wise I used to try to copy McEnroe's serving motion which probably explains why it was so inconsistent growing up! I have since modified it but still try to disguise where I'm going. I also like to S&V and I played a lot of doubles because he did too.

Thankfully my demeanor (tantrums, etc.) on the court was not similar to those 2. I'm more like the Swedes.

Now divide the talent level by a lot, subtract a bit more, and you have my game! ;)


I also started playing tennis after seeing Jimmy Connors play in the early 70's----even used a T2000---I got away from that style play after realizing that I won more matches hitting topspin strokes-(couldnt quite do it like Connors-*LOL*)-Then I stopped Playing for YEARS-- BUT--I have come back around to my original love of the game now--hitting the ball flat off both sides-(2handed back hand)-Using the Racquet that Connors last used-(Prince Mono)--stringing it as he did on the Senior Tour-(Low Tension -Natural Gut-Leather grip)---Now I love to play the "Loopers" and try and pound it back at them LOW-and see what they can do with it----so what if I lose a few--Im having a great time!!


Im like a prototype Federer. I play beutifully and add the right touch, spin, power. I float around on the court and get to every ball no mater where it is.
I used to be scrappy and fiery like Hewitt... but with limited skills.
But now I am using a 1HBH and being more creative with angles like Federer. However my serve, although fast, resembles no pro player. I can hit some aces, but I really want to be able to hit a big kicker and disguise my serve better.
But I am always improving which is what is most important.


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I admire Federer's game to no end, but I'd say my game is more like Henin-Hardenne. SW Forehand, 1 handed backhand competent both with topspin and slice, all court game. Strokes smooth and beautiful at slow pace, look like rubbish when rushed. :p

Rafa Nadal

Nadal !!!
I like to fight like him, has a spin forehand, play from the baseline, and my volley skills are so bad like his ;)


My game resembles Gael Monfils. exactly same motion on the serve and forehand. Not the same backhand. Agressive forehand with spin, big serve, average backhand, average volleys.


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My game is totally modelled after Steffi Graf's game, even tennisteachers and watchers said it. Although, I am a man, I have the same forehand action, the same serve, slice backhand and footwork all at my level of course. The only thing different that I more often use a topspin backhand, which I modelled after Roger Federer's. So I copied to of the all time greats. I even play with the Graf Wilson racket.


Christopher said:

For a just turned 16 year old, I have a big serve, been clocked at 98 in, but is usually hovering around the 90s. Well, Im told thats big for a kid my age anyway.

I have a strong forehand, but the backhand could use some work.

And my volleyings not great.
sorry to burst your bubble but....i dont think thats very fast for your age. I serve that fast too and im 14. anyway, i say roddick for me too. big serve,big forehand,backhand is sorty of tempermental,but i have better volleys.


Nadal_Rulz said:
sorry to burst your bubble but....i dont think thats very fast for your age. I serve that fast too and im 14. anyway, i say roddick for me too. big serve,big forehand,backhand is sorty of tempermental,but i have better volleys.
Depends on the level for club play thats a good hard serve--elite 18 year old juniors serve 120-130...But Gasquet rarely serves above 115 so its not really a problem if the rest of your game is magic.


Viper said:
Im like a prototype Federer. I play beutifully and add the right touch, spin, power. I float around on the court and get to every ball no mater where it is.
How much do you charge for people to watch you play? Oh btw have you signed with an agent yet?


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I'm a bit like Blake. Good forehand, preety good backhand. Gets alot of spin and I am good at placing serves.


gstring21 said:
if my game resembled a pro, i would be a pro
If you resembled Brad Pitt, would you be a multi-millionaire dating A Jolie? Your logic makes no sense.

I play high percentage, placement tennis. Slice backhand, heavy top spin forehand. So basically I'm the 6 foot tall, 210 pound Conchita Martinez. :(

In practice, though, I can crank it consistently. I just learned that in college tennis if I played certain patterns, I was almost certain to win. Rather win ugly than lose pretty, I guess.