What racket is next?


My elbow hurts playing Steam 105 with Tornado strung in the middle 50s. Wanna try some tweeners with my aggressive topspin primary baseline game. Of course would use softer polys stringed from middle to upper 40s. Pro's Pro Cyber Spin is cheap option over here.

I have on option for Pure Strike 16x19 (black orange one) for 40$. Was looking for Blades also, 16x19 and Blade 98S. Which less demanding? Should I go with lighter rackets? I'm 30, 6 ft, wouldn't say strong, but not weak also. Playing for 5 years and can beat many players who played 20 or 30 years. Don't have any rankings over here. I consider myself 4.0, but that's just my opinion.

Would you suggest me any other rackets?


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Can't say much about specific racquets, but after I started using a heavier racquet my tennis elbow went away, so I don't think a lighter racquet would help.


Blades are pretty arm friendly, I'd try to stay clear of full poly if you have elbow issues. Try synth gut in crosses


Well, I'm not having serious elbow issues, but it hurts me once in a while. Let say I wanna prevent serious issues in the future.

Comparing, for example AeroPro Team and Burn 100LS to Blade 98(S), Pure Strike 16x19 and Burn 100. The last three are all heavier, their swingweights are bigger, but in certain examples not so much (Pure Strike to Burn 100LS only 6 grams difference). First two are used by junior girls (and not so good boys), last three by better 15 year-old guys (and better girls) etc. My technique is fine, but I'm not in their rang. I'm probably stronger than most of them, but don't have that racket speed nor ever will.

I'm pretty much looking for the least demanding topspin racket with weight around 10.5 oz. (300g) and another one 20 grams lighter (9.8 oz.).


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I've only played with the Blade 98's from your list - and they are very solid, comfortable racquets, and easy to play with. And to add, the Blade 98 18x20 is the racquet I got the most spin with - I can't even imagine what the 98S would be like:eek:


Yeah, but it really low powered. I like Textreme suggestion. My friend owns Tour 16x18 and I could try it. What tension for Blackout would you suggest me? Those are the strings I use now. Around 45?


You should lower that tension closer to low 50s/high 40s, but I wouldn't recommend using that racquet if the problem persists. An 11 ounce 27.5" racquet on the stiff side with a 330 SW and at 6pts. HL doesn't sound very appealing to the arm. Personally, I'd go for something around 11.3-11.5oz. strung weight and not too HL, but if you don't want to go up in weight just make sure don't go too HL either.


OK. You got me all wrong with my elbow. I'll try playing in a few days with Prince Tour 100 16x18 stringed with Blackout 17 at 42/44. Very interested how it will work out.