what racquet do you use

What is your primary racquet?

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Swan Song

I use the current Prince Graphite Midsize.
When I mean current, please do not get confused with the Tour NXGraphite.


I'm a Prince man, myself and always have been. (I'm only 15.. so it's not saying much, lol) I have a Diablo Mid, and I plan on getting a second one soon then matching them.


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Since you're out of space for number of options, you might want to consider changing the Slazenger option to Dunlop since Slazenger only sells one model in the U.S. and Dunlop is still a very popular brand. Also, you may want to change Fischer to Volkl because I think more people out there use Volkls than Fischers.

Oh, BTW, I use a PS Original 6.0 95.


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You say you're using the PS 6.0 95 but your signature says you're using the HPS 6.0 95 Tour. Which are you currently using and which do you like better and why?


Ray Wong said:
I had used Head prestige for nine years. I currently use Wilson Tour 90.
Ray, was that a hard or an easy change? Those rackets feel very different from each other.

Ray Wong


I think I am a 3.5-4.0 and I just play 2-4 hours a week. I said I had used prestige for nine years, but actually, I picked prestige tour 600 from 1994, and then with PS 6.0 85 and PC600 for a while. Return to prestige tour until i prestige launched. I play with tour 90 form 2003.

I always try different racquet. T90, N90, PS 85 and LM pre. always in my tennis bag, so I don't think it's hard to change, but honestly, prestige is MUCH BETTER control than T90/N90 in groundstroke, but after one year with T90, I like wilson grip shape than head, I serve much stable with T90 and it create much more spin.

Dino Lagaffe

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Volkl Tour 9 VE 18x20 for work.
Volkl C10 comp Mid and C10 Pro Tour for fun...
Once in a while I bring out rackets like the Head PC 600 or Yonex SRD tour 90, too.


Two Fischer VT98 Pros, a Dunlop MW200G, and a Slazenger Pro X1. Love 'em all....but the Fischer is my 'main' stick that I use in matches and is my benchamk when comparing/demo'ing other sticks.


As per my signature 8) But I have tried quite a few, including Yonex RDX500MID, RDX500MP, Slaz X1, Dunlop HM200G, Head LM Radical MP, Head i.Radical MP, Head LM Prestige MP, Slaz X2, Yonex MP5i, Yonex RDX300.


MegaAge M2, weighted to about 350 gms (12.2 ounces) (lead at 3 & 9 o'clock, but still very head-light), strung loosely (52 lbs) with BB Ace 18 and using overgrips over the rather poor grip. Bought 2 as "demo" rackets, for $29.95 a piece (before the price hike... :cry: ). If they break - what should I buy to replace them (Maybe a little lighter (325 gms..), otherwise similar properties, but cheaper than the present asking price of 129 Euro + shipping, string etc..) :?:
tonycheese said:
i hope this hasn't been asked too much... i just want to get as many people to answer this poll as possible.


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Have always tried to switch racquets several times over the years. But, still always comes back to the Prince Michael Chang Grapgite Oversize. I am afraid there isn't enough of this racquet when I needed to replace mine. I have collected 6 of them as of now.