what racquet do you use

What is your primary racquet?

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Head Prestige Pro 4/58 grip; strung @ 52 lbs. V.S. Touch 16 gauge. Last night I took a set off the country club pro with it {indoors}.
hey, those who post their racquet and string type and tension in their signatures, did you notice that those are now new options to add in the profile that they added.....i already posted my racquet in this thread, on page 5 i think


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tensai said:
Breakpoint, I'm very sorry that I did not reply. I did not notice your post. To answer your question, the Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.0 Tour 95 is the same as the PS 6.0 95, but with a different paintjob. So I like both racquets equally :lol: .
Actually, that's not completely true. I use the PS 6.0 95 and I have demo-ed the HPS 6.0 95 Tour and I find that there are several differences. Yes, the HPS 6.0 95 Tour is based on the PS 6.0 95 but Wilson added some HyperCarbon to the hoop and lightened the racquet just a bit. I found the HPS 6.0 to be stiffer, a bit lighter, and had less feel to me. I was also able to serve harder and better with the PS 6.0.


second string

After cracking my Head Tour Xtra Long now using my backup, a Prince precision graphite-last strung in 1989.
Trying ProKennex Ionic Ki 5X, which I think I'll keep.

Other fav.s include Yonex MP Tour 1 XF and Head Satellite Tour XL (customized to 27.5").


Currently i.prestige 630. Also have a Yonex RDX500MP, though may be selling it depending on how I get on with the i.prestige over the next couple of weeks. There's a lot I like about both


Head Radicals - currently using a leaded LM Rad MP for singles, and FXP Rad MP stock for dubs. Also have a few i.Rads and a Ti Rad as backup sticks.

Been experimenting with the Wilson PS 6.1 series recently, and while they are fun to hit with I still get better control from the Rads. Not sold on a switch just yet, but the Wilsons are nice to hit with.

I've also hit with Rich Pur's Ultra FPK, and I understand why he's having trouble finding something new ;)

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ProKennex Ionic 5g PSE, PK Ti Force 110 and PK Pro 7g, in that order, pretty much. Just bought a 28" 5g PSE off the messageboard, we'll see where that fits in the pecking order . . .


nBlade!!! strung with cyberflash and gosen...such a sweet feeling racket...wish it were 16x20 or 16x19 though