What racquet should I try next?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by jaydog23, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. jaydog23

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    Jan 5, 2013
    I used Wilson (nPS 95, nCode 6.1 tour 90) until about 5 months ago, when I switched over to the Head Prestige Classic 600. I love my PC, but looking back on it Wilson wasn't too bad. I always like to try new racquets, and in the next couple months to one year I'm thinking I'd like to try a lesser known brand. I've heard that Dunlop and Yonex make good racquets, also I've heard good things about Volkl. I've tried Babolat before and didn't really like it. In short, what racquet should I try next? I'm willing to try pretty much anything, but I do have a couple criteria I'd like to meet: first, not more than 98 sq. in. head size (I might be willing to go to 100, but definitely not over), I'm wary of a swingweight over 340, and lastly, I like decrease in stiffness that I saw form my Wilson 6.1 ncode tour 90 to my PC600, so I'm also wary about a very stiff racquet. That's it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. ellipticality_224

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    Any of the recent head models, Rad, Prestige, Extreme, Instinct are an interesting hit, I use the extreme pro and the prestige Mp as my normal rackets. I have also hit with the LM Prestige Mid (my dads), Flexpoint radical (coaches), Youtek Radical MP and Pro, Extreme MP (IG and YT), Extreme pro (demoing 2.0 tomorrow), Instinct (YT and IG). All of them are very solid frames. Ive gotten to the point of where I wont hit with anything thats not a head.
  3. PrincessAdam

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    May 8, 2012
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    It seems like you like mids, I would look into the Yonex Vcour tour 89 and the volkl organix mid!

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