What racquet would you recommend for me?


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I'm looking to buy a new racquet but I can't decide what I should get. I'm a 4.5, with an all-court playing style and have only played with Head racquets (although I'm not opposed to trying a different brand.) I don't have any physical problems like tennis elbow and I would not be interested in a racquet that is more than 2 years old. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.


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That's not a very good description.... S & V, Big serve hitter, offensive, defensive, righty, lefty...
I'm a righty and I'm an offensive player with net ability. I don't like to S&V much but I will usually work my way up to the net if the point lasts long enough or if a ball lands short. I don't have a huge serve. I have a two handed backhand. I tend to hit my forehand with topspin.
try demoing the HEAD microgel Prestige, or the the Wilson K95 (16 x 18 or 18 x 20 , I prefer the latter) The K95 is a really good stick if you can handle the weight and stiffness.


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Yeah, that's for spin hitters... I won't recommend the Yonex RDS 001 Midplus here, although it's a good racquet. The AeroPro Drive Cortex might be a good choice, as well as the one without Cortex. If you're having no painful arm, like me, I think you might like one without Cortex better, just like me...
Yeah don't go with the yonex if you hit topspin forehands, thats much better for flat players. I like the wilson kblade tour, spin is great, i have pretty much the same style as you. Strings play a big part too. Research the different types for ad. disad. Pro Hurricanes are nice, may have a little bit much pop though if you dont swing all the way through


What do you play with currently? If your truely a 4.5 level player, you know what you need/want in a racquet.

If you looking to test the waters with racquets that are away from what you typically use, then just pick some sticks that peak your interest and demo them. $20 for 4 sticks through TW for a week is too good of a deal.

When I was demoing, I must have tried about 20-24 racquets. Some were way outside what I like in terms is characteristics (thin beam, head light, etc...) but it was fun to get my hands on them.

Just pick some sticks and demo away...