What replacement grips do you stock...

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if you offer grip replacement to customers? Just today, I had two new customers reach out to me to string racket and replace grip. Happily, I had two replacement grips on hand, but now I only have leather grips available. What recs can you offer to appease most folks with the fewest choices?


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Head HydroSorb Pro
Head HydroSorb Tour
Yonex AC126EX (Yonex Synthetic Leather)
Babolat Syntex Team
Babolat Syntex Pro
Wilson Pro Performance
Fairway 48" x 15/16

And some old discounted 1.5mm Babolat grips I wish I had more of [emoji3525]The Syntex Team is the replacement but not as nice

I use Babolat on Babolat frames, Yonex on Yonex frames , but use a lot of Head grips everywhere else. I use Head on Head, Wilson, Prince & Volkl frames. At 1.75mm is a nice synthetic grip.


Prince DuraTac - thickest; Gamma Pro Control - medium thickness; Tourna Pro Thin - thinnest. I also put non leather grips for free if the player already has the grip on hand.


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In general, I find that anyone asking me to provide a replacement grip doesn't really care too much about what they get. As such, I always have a few Karakal PU Super Grips knocking around (hey, if it was good enough for Tim Henman...), and tend to buy them in black because everyone is happy with black (I have the same philosophy with string colours. I string more 'black poly' than everything else combined).

It's almost always either one of my older recreational players - the string once a year type, who happens to think about the grip at the same time - or a young junior player where the parent has seen the state of the grip for the first time in months and realised it's being in a health hazard.