What shoe is most similar to Asics Gel Res 2

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by Hankenstein, Sep 13, 2012.

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    I have bought a ton of shoes this year, and it´s not an understatement...

    I used the Asics Gel Res 2 in the past and bought a total of 7 pairs of that shoe. Its extremely nice and perfect for me but the durability is not so good. Now its really hard finding the GR2 in my size and i have tried a bunch of different shoes.

    This is the shoes i have used the longest..

    GR3, decent but a bit strange feel.
    GR4, to low in the heel area. Not enough support. Feels like i´m stepping out of the shoe in the corners.
    Nike Vapor 9, ok shoes, but a bit soft for my 220 lbs..
    Nike 2K11, NO!
    Babolat ProPulse 3, lack of cushioning in the forefoot.
    Lotto Raptor Ultra III, Strange feel. Narrow in the back and wide as hell in the forefoot.
    Adidas Adizero Feather, so so,, very hard shoe and a tad to narrow. Would like it a little bit softer and wider. Then it would be perfect
    Diadora Speed Star III, to soft in the forefoot. No real support, just kangaroo leather

    Any shoe you guys can recommend to me? Low to the ground, good support and good cushioning and not below medium in width
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  2. grolson1993

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    Jan 27, 2012
    You should try the adizero feather II, theyre wider in the toe box and they are softer. sounds ideal for you
  3. The Big Kahuna

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    I am 250 pounds and love the Nike Vapor 9. They are EXACTLY what you are looking for - low to the ground, good cushioning, and GREAT support. The fit is amazing! I have tried everything as I also have very flat feet - Babolat, Adidas, Wilson, New Blance, you name it. I have also worked my way through the entire Nike line - 2K11, CB 4.3, etc. I have the best combination of comfort, stability, and agility in these shoes. Period.

    There is a reason the Chris Edwards calls the Nike Vapor 9 the best shoe he has EVER tested.

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