What should I do with $90?

What do you suggest I do?

  • Get a back-up for my LM Radical

    Votes: 9 60.0%
  • Demo and get a new racquet like a FXP Radical, etc.

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Get apparel, strings, equipment

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 26.7%

  • Total voters


I will have about $90 in refund or store credit after I return some shoes but I am not sure what I should do with them. I am considering buying another LM Radical for a backup but I don't have the time to play as much and I haven't broken a string yet in a year of play.
So with that, I was wondering if I should get a backup, demo a new racquet to purchase like a FXP Radical, or get some apparel/strings/equipment.


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-Donate the money to charity.

-Add some more money, and get a PDR.

-Buy another pair of shoes to replace the ones you refunded(or are about to refund).

-Put it in a bank and save.

-Buy loads of tennis games, such as Top spin2 or 3, virtua tennis, etc.

-Buy fitness equipment.


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There's a lot of playing testing and messing around that you can do if you had a second racquet.

Use one as main, the other as a tester.

Here's what I done with tester so far, a lot of fun:

1. Same String, diff tension
2. Diff string, same tension
3. Same string, same tension, diff weight setup
4. Different grips and dampeners.

Just these 4 activities can last for a LONG time.

you can learn a lot about your preference from this. Here's my discoveries up to this point on my Nblade OS.

1. I currently cannot appreciate weight modding. The racquet is fine the way it is. But I just keep doing it, you know? I dont know why either.
2. I don't like anything but co poly in the mains, with topspin CF being the best thus far.
3. I don't like multis, no matter what, whether in mains or crosses.
4. I prefer syn gut to everything i have tried in crosses thus far. Thank god, too, cause they are cheaper.
5. I love these little Kimony bow tie dampeners and Yonex grips.