What should I string with?


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Snapped my trusty old syn gut strings last night that I've been using for about 5 years since switching over from full poly after I was dealing with a bad case of TE. I had picked up some Babolat Origin on sale and also was just gifted a set of ALU power. Initially I was planning to string mine up with a full set of Origin, but now I'm considering a hybrid of Origin on the mains & ALU power on the crosses. Thoughts?

FTR...I am a 4.5 lefty lower spin player with compact strokes, mostly doubles, and good at the net, with a good serve.


mixing b.origin and poly will muddy the feel
I would try b.origin full bed at the same tension as your S.G strings
this will give you a better clearer sense of what b.origin can do/feel on your racquet and game..

Injured Again

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Not looking for new string suggestions, just looking for an opinion on full bed vs. hybrid set up.
If string breakage is not an issue, there seems to be no reason to go away from what worked for you. A hybrid will be harsher, especially on mis-hits, and will be a bit lower powered. Incoming spin sensitivity may increase as well. If you're primarily playing doubles and have more compact swings, the next thing to try might be natural gut, either as a full bed or a hybrid with a multifilament.