What string should I use, and when to restring?


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Started lessons as a couple two months ago and play with each other in singles/rally practice between sessions since. Wife complains I hit too high/long 99% of the time and serves are super inconsistent, so been trying to get more 'control'. Did have maybe 4 lessons 20+ years ago, but haven't played tennis since that time.

In terms of arm problems, I have at worst, 2/10 pain, really don't feel any symptoms of tennis elbow, and any wrist soreness is gone the next day. Play with 2 handed backhand and semi-western forehand grip. The soreness is between 3rd and 4th metacarpals with full wrist extension and about 20 lbs of pressure from my other hand applied to the center of my palm.

Also I'm trying to visualize how to hit the ball and such, but didn't realize how annoying restringing racquet was. At this point after 2 months already had done 3 string jobs on the same racquet. After some reading is it really like 10-20 hours per string job?

Racquets demo'd -

Prince Thunder 26, Head Speed Pro *current*, Yonex VCore 97HD, Wilson Prostaff 97 V13, Head Extreme Tour, Babolat Pure Drive, Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat EVO Drive Lite, Yonex Ezone Ace, Technifibre TFight 315 RS *current backup*

Currently like both Head and Technifibres, can't really decide which is better, the ease of use with Technifibre or the forgiving head. Got technifibre 315 because yonex 97HD was great when demo'd but wanted something that was a little more affordable as yonex seems to be high end in racquet frames. Got as a backup frame plus as something with similar specs to see difference in feel/play.

Strings demo'd/tried

Head Lynx 1.30mm, Head Hawk 1.20mm at 58 lbs | Head Speed Pro | Felt great on first day, then progressively more trampoline-y afterwards

Head Lynx 1.30mm full bed at 59 lbs | Head Speed Pro | Felt great halfway through on second day, then again more trampoline-y afterwards with balls landing into the back fence

Technifibre BiPhase One 1.30mm at 55 lbs | Technifibre TFight 315 RS | Really good for practicing heavy top spin, since shots tended to fly really long, but sweet spot felt quite small

Yonex Poly Tour Bite 1.300mm at 54 lbs *by a Master Racquet stringer* | Head Speed Pro | Current setup, feels best, shots landing within the court with minimal effort on control

Tourna stringometer - Only the setup by the Master Racquet stringer matched requested tension, all others were about 10-15 lbs below the requested as per stringometer, even on day 1. Noticed generally about a reading of 45 lbs that racquet strings felt weird, but did see a decrease of 5lbs of tension / week while playing daily as a couple just hitting rallies back and forth.

More about stringometer - was debating first restring when playing with the Lynx/Hawk hybrid and when picked up the stringometer from amazon it read 40lbs in the center, with some mains at 35 and 50 when I started to noticed the trampoline-y effect. Crosses were generally 25-30 lbs.

Had it restrung with full Lynx at 59lbs and again noticed trampoline-y effect when it read 40lbs, with some mains at 30 and 45. Crosses were generally 25-30.

Tried a different stringer with the Master Stringer certification and is current racquet with the Yonex at 54lbs.

Also measured wife's racquets to see - her preferred one is the Babolat EVO Lite with center reading at 50 with some mains at 15. Crosses were generally 20-35. Some visible notches and strings are factory strings. Likely going to restring and see what the stringer recommends for her when she talks with him.
Your tension drop probably has to do with the type of machine the stringer is using, and to some extent, the experience of the MRT. The MRT is probably using a constant pull machine vs a lockout for the others. You're really stringing your poly's pretty tight--to get more control, but I think I'd try another option. I'd try a 16g synthetic gut at around 62#. It won't lose tension as fast as the poly, and it will be easier on the arm, even at that tension. The Head Speed Pro should be the most control oriented of the rackets, so if you like it best, keep using it. It has a dense string pattern and the strings should remain more playable in that racket for longer too.


If balls are sailing you are hitting too flat. Swing more low to high.

Start with synthetic gut at 16g around 55-58 lbs tension. Re string every 20 hrs or so. Learn to keep the ball in the court with that string then consider moving to polyester once you've grooved technique. Too many people just bash balls with dead poly and like it because the balls land in even though they aren't hitting with much spin. Learn to hit an 80% topspin ball with synthetic gut strings and you'll be well on your way to becoming a tennis player.

It's a journey and too many people try to take short cuts with equipment rather than working on technique.


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I already stringed it with Yonex Poly Tour Spin at 54 lbs by a new stringer and I really quite like it. I also saw an improvement in my spin technique by dropping the racquet from about knee level and now I’m getting those balls in even tho they’re like 10 feet over the net. Just sorta stops and drops on the baseline. Also played with some locals for a match and got a win after 3 sets tho kept double faulting


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also trying out a multi filament called bi phase X one. It has a bit too much oomf though but I like hitting slice with it for some reason