What the different in POG cosmetic???


There are several version out there of the POG. Could anybody help indentify which year or how long ago it was product?

1. The single green line one (green letter PRINCE and GRAPHITE on each size of the frame), no name on the cross bar. ---> is this the very early version, what year is this one, i would like to know??

2. The single green with 2 smaller yellow sandwich it (gold letter PRINCE and ORGINAL GRAPHITE on each side), GRAPHITE name on cross bar. --> this is the 20th ann version?

3. Current version sale at TW (single green line, TOUR and PRINCE on side of frame, GRAPHITE on crossbar)

Anymore that I don't know????

POGO-some idea?



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There was one with a matte black finish rather than the shiny one. I think that was the 20th anniversary. The one being sold now was released after the 20th anniversary, I believe.