What the etiquette after the match in your area now (COVID-19 handshakes)


I imagine if you used a dedicated can of balls and only used your racquet tip to pick up or flick or shovel the ball across the court (of course, you should Lysol or Clorox wipe your frame before the match so all can see), maybe it would be okay?
Also, ask your opponent to use common sense and not touch his or her face/nose, mouth, with hands during the match and use disposable towels to wipe?


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Hopefully handshaking goes out of fashion, I’m with Ronnie O’Sullivan on this although judging by some comments it may not have been his usual stance, Indian namaste is more hygienic.



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Virtually all of the courts are closed around me, and the governor just issued a full stay at home order that is set until June (could be extended/reduced)


It is interesting that COVID-19 just now makes us think about how gross some things are. Ever wondered who had their fingers in that bowling ball you are using? Joysticks at arcades? Massage chairs at the mall. People are generally gross so this pandemic will change a lot of things.