What to do when you cant play


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Hey all, wasnt too sure where this would go.

Buuuut, since where i live i can only play tennis during tennis season at my school and during summer, what would be the best way to keep your skills when i'm not in play? Like what i could do to not loose my rythem? Ah sorry i'm fragmented, it's late and i'm tired so if dont make sense i apologize. lol. I havent played since august and my tennis season is coming up soon and i want to be prepared, i just feel like i'm not gonna be all there when i challenge up.



Pacific NW is quite rainy it seems, so the tennis community should be accustomed to indoor play?


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It is indeed. No indoor in my driving range. :/ Thats my problem. Or else I wouldnt be asking this question. ha.


Play indoors. The only indoor courts in my area are expensive and a hassle, so I just wait out the winter. I play through the fall though, until the cold is just too unbearable.


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Here's what I did when I first started...I hit tennis balls on a racquetball court. (My local community college had 4 indoor racquetball courts.) Consequently my half-volleys and quick reactions got very good. It isn't real tennis, but It helps your muscles remember how to move. Just don't get sloppy and start smacking the ball around. (I used to do that. I developed alot of power, but I still struggle with consistency)

I also found it a very good work out. After all, you don't have to wait as long for the ball to come back to you.


For me, I just do some school related stuff or condition for tennis. You can probably do some shadow strokes too.Btw, there are other threads about the same thing.

Or ^^ go on myspace / keep on chatting on these forums, look in the internet and learn something nice.