What type of tennis shoes would you recommend wearing on an artificial clay court?


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General clay shoes for artificial then?

I played a tournament today on artificial clay, and the guy who I played recommended grass court shoes.


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Yonex Eclipsion CL, as the sole, although marketed as a clay sole, is really a grass court sole hybrid. On the Japanese websites, they often specify it for clay and synthetic grass. If the sand level on the court is really down/in need of replenishment then less grippy/hardcourt soles may still be preferable, to avoid that 'stuck on the spot' feeling.

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Artificial clay as in Har-Tru? Wear clay shoes.

I wear grass shoes on synthetic grass.

Har-Tru is not artificial, it's all natural material.

Some companies make artificial clay courts that have a base somewhat like an artificial grass court except they put some type of dirt on top to make it play like a clay court.


If it looks like a clay court (i.e. has clay on top), then use clay court shoes. These courts actually have artificial grass and bonded sand underneath, but you can't see this, unless you scrape off the layer of clay. On play on these courts and real clay all summer - no difference.

If it looks like artificial grass with some loose sand thrown and spread over the top, this is not what I would call artificial clay. Seems like other posters suggest grass court shoes. Only played on this once and was quite slippery.
Artificial Clay court I havent seen but for Artificial Grass there is OMNI outsole. Look for that. It is little bit more durable than clay court shoe, and little bit more traction than in a hardcourt shoe.


I play on Har-Tru (greenish clay) everyday during the summer. I use clay shoes, it makes a big difference.

If you play on artificial clay like this, I would use clay shoes too. I've never played on that but according to the website it's very similar.
Horrible stuff, should be outlawed. Tournament directors will make you play in the rain "the court is fine!"
When its cold and wet its like walking on a beach... impossibly tiring.
When its hot outside, it will be more slippery than real grass.
Except for those places where the "sand" has been moved a bit; that is where you're feet will suddenly stop sliding, and you'll break your ankles.

Its the worst

sorry about that rant
but it's really the worst

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I was on a arificial clay court a few weeks ago. I didn't get the chance to play but I took a picture. It looked slippery. It consisted of an astroturf bottom with a layer of dirt on it. You can't really see the astroturf as there is a lot of dirt except the sides close to t
[/IMG]he fence where this picture was taken. It looked slippery.