What Version of the Wilson K Factor Tour is this?


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Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this post! My friend found what we believe is a Wilson K Factor Six One Tour in his basement, but upon further inspection we are not sure if it is actually real. I attached some photos below. We initially thought this was a 2007-2008 version of the racquet, but the weight of the racquet is 11.3oz and it has a 16x19 string pattern. I actually dm'ed TW on insta and some employees who helped thought it could be the Asia variant of the racquet. The two things throwing this whole thing off is that the racquet is 11.3oz and is missing the black stripe at the top of the head. I can not find any similar images of racquets like this online. Could this be a fake or replica? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Link for 3 images if not loading



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Looks like a fake. the Asian version of the tour is 11.3 oz, but this isn't that either. I would steer clear of this one if i were you.


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Yeah, that is not the right mold, it seems like a recreational raquet mold, and the graphics didn't match on each side of the raquet.