What was Adidas thinking?

Al Czervik

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I think the guys stuff looks fine, except for the high socks. Somebody in another thread called Sascha's socks Naughty Nurses 2.

Simona's clothes were described as a sock hop outfit and a West Virginia cheerleader uniform.


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I thought Zverev looked ok. Socks were a bit high for my tastes. Halep's outfit was not at all flattering in my view.


The big diff in Halep's outfit was under the cheerleader skirt. She normally wears squared off shorts or spandex but opted for the cute dupa exposure route. My wife asked why the camera had to stay focused on her derrière when she was receiving serve and I told her that it was because Adidas paid him!


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It's ridiculous looks like a joke! Just when I thought the outfits couldn't get any worse than the neon pink they go and do that!


Man, i think i am the only one who like all the Adidas's US Open Collection. It think this collection is fresh, revigorating and colorful. I like them!!


Maybe...I wouldn't buy that tricolor t-shirt...I'd like much more traditional Murray Barricade Polo...but they are too expensive!!

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This product line is ridiculous. All the Pharrell Williams outfits are hideous. No idea what they were thinking but they had better come up with Plan-B by week two or they could be sued by the networks for tanking the ratings. Seriously, sending a bunch of players out, all wearing identical outfits? Who's genius idea was that? Smacks of desperation. Wtf does Pharrell Williams know about tennis fashion anyway??
Their customer base pays good money to look good, and nobody I know would wear this stuff if it was given for free! I expect week two will show the top players choosing less obnoxious ensembles for themselves.


Adidas made smith different than all other co. and everybody hate it here. I like it because it has my lovely retro look and because it's different.

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Those outfits are hideous. A small part of me might actually feel sorry for Zverev and Halep. You folks think they want to wear those disaster outfits on court? o_O
I wonder if in the locker room (with no clothing reps around) players do mock the guys in the hideous outfits.

They are getting paid. Unless the shirt gave one a rash or was constricting I'd expect they laugh all the way to the bank.

The Sasha Zverev shirt is a very poor Fila knockoff; the Gilles Simon shirt made him look like a food court employee.

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Poor Halep, Adidas did her wrong again.
She wore the SAME green outfit as Ostapenko at Roland Garros (should #3 player wear the same as unseeded #47?)
Then in DC, was given an all black outfit for daytime (black hat/shirt/skirt/shoes) and she retired from heat exhaustion (Coach Cahill, buy her a white Adidas hat at least)
Now, she walks onto Ashe night session in a cheerleader outfit w/ mismatched shoes (Pharrell, why isn't there a blue night outfit?) while Sharapova dressed for the event.


I agree, man. That what i like in this collection. They tried to be different (unlike the others) and they did. It's retro and, at the same time, classy.
Don't see it in life, what kind of material this stuff made off? Seems that it's not plain.

Tommy Haas

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I thought it was just Halep in some Rumanian flag thing. Everyone is in them. No
Except Zev. For some reason his Adidas outfit is different from all their other sponsored players. I guess they see him as their flagship player now.


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Yeah, noticed that - and he still lost; like anybody could win anything - except maybe a seventies Malibu retro skateboard comp. dressed like that!!


I thought the shorts....well I don't hate as much. But god damn was the shirt absolutely stinking horrible.


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I can't say that I could get away with the Pharrell look, but it is very stylish and not that different, if you stretch your imagination, from Polo by Ralph Lauren and dads love that.

It is really sixties modernism meets the preppy look done with an edge.