What's Going-on With M____?

Kaptain Karl

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I saw some "low-lights" of Molik's loss. They made me wonder if her inner ear problem is back.

On two different shots she completely missed balls she was all set up to hit. (One BH, one FH.) She got blasted out in the First Round. ::Sigh::

I've liked her playing style and I'd love to see her make some noise in the upper rankings. Does anyone know what her situation is?

- KK


She did quite well in Dancing with the Stars here so I assumed her balance problem was gone, but after what you described it doesn't look too good.

I don't recall ever seeing a pro set up for a shot and completely miss unless it was from a bad bounce (which doesn't happen on hardcourts).


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Her inner ear is messed up, it's lingering effects from that virus, she cant get her balance right when things are moving fast. Tough luck, she is a good gal.