What's his age again?


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The guy was pathetic at the end of the tie break no first serves, he had two match points, and he wasted them, not to mention that he was another of the countless players who could not stand the pressure of the people when they cheer incessantly for Federer.
He choked!
On the match points, he showed no variety, as usual, just kept giving the same ball back and thinking the more louder he grunts the better. Federer made him pay for it and rightfully so.
speaking of a potential fedal match and yeah i knw im getting ahead of myself because fed needs to get through i think stefanos, but the last time they played on clay was in 2013 i believe, rome. nadal won easily, granted that was one of fed's worst years but i still anticipate a straight set loss.


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I can be a huge fan, but I'm realistic. Rafa is going to crucify him on Saturday IF he gets by Stefanos.
Your fails are well known, so I am not even sure that you are so good at deluding yourself (never mind the others, you are known to basically everyone who has come across your postings) to maintain that line.

Interestingly, most people would immediately recognise his heroics (that is why I asked about your favourite 37 y o player), even if they don't like Federer, but, you, his "realistic huge fan" are quick to point at potential humiliation, without even realising that even reaching Nadal after three matches, two of which in one day, would be a small miracle. I am fairly certain that you would be wrong even in that scenario, but you are also known of cheating your way out of your malicious "predictions", so there is no point in holding you responsible for your own words. The only satisfaction is that you spent the better part of all these years with a mask of someone who you aren't while being a joke with your attitude.

Still, I will remind you of your prediction if by a chance Federer and Nadal play. Unlike you, I trust that Federer will put up a decent performance even in such unfavourable circumstances.

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yep, i dont see him getting a set and i know that im normally pessimistic, but its nadal on clay. atleast we will always have that streak in 2017 where he won each time they met and the epic AO final.
There is a difference between "taking a set off Nadal" and "he will be lucky to take three games" and those also would be "granted" by Nadal.

For anyone not blind in both eyes and a functioning brain the intention behind the latter statement is clear as day.