What's inside your Head?

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Mine is empty. :confused:

Don't get me wrong. I love Head racquets and have all the best and rarest in my collection but when did me go from top quality full graphite frames and beautiful PJs to these:



Hmm, I thought most "tube" frames were hollow inside and that only box-beam frames (BLX90, etc.) were filled. Oh well, I guess you should have bought a "Pro Stock" Head racquet.

joe sch

Its suppose to have D3O but not sure exactly how its internally applied ?
Could be that white coated layer.

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No, don't be scared. it's not Youtek. Youtek would have much more graphite in it. This is a low-end Titanium series racquet that my friend cracked. It lead me to a new project. I will dissect all my cheap and broken racquets to find out how we are all being tricked. :)

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Arent prestiges hollow also?
I think they are b/c they all warp like hell over time. I thing Head calls it "TWINTUBE Technology"

The inner hard shell of TwinTube technology is made of pure graphite. The outer shell consists of soft, absorbing polyamide.

Increased ball acceleration combined with better, overall racquet feel.