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What's more important?

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Winning or playing well?

When I come home at night, and think about the games, I remember all of the good shots, and I fret over many of the bad shots...but not as much. Whether I win or not, I feel good when I have a lot of good strokes.

But winning, that's different altogether. However, I've won ugly, but not been very proud of how I played.


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I haven't competed since my H.S. tennis days which ended back in '97. Since then I've just hit with friends for fun, so I'm more stuck on playing well and hitting good shots than I am concerned with winning the match.

But, if I were to join a league or enter a tournament you better believe that I'd fight for a win no matter how ugly it was. :D


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BTW,I was definitely in the "Playing well" category,feeling good about making good shots...but the losses I incurred because of it have left me feeling like I need to adjust my game...to win. All these losses are making me mad,especially losing to ppl I feel are at a much lower skill level than myself (not even exaggerating this). Beautiful shots don't come point after point, I must find a way to win.


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my coach asked me this when i told her that i won but played horribly. i just dont get the same satisfaction of beating someone if im not playing well. i'd rather lose and know that i played my best than win and know that my opponent played poorly


I hate winning ugly...sometimes in HS you play some opponents that are really below your level, and I tend to sometimes play down to kids. This results in me winning ugly, something I hate. And, if I'm playing well, which I am most concerned about, I will win most of the matches I play :)


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Playing well is more important to me. If or when I play well, I have a better chance of winning :)


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That's a tough one...I voted "playing well." I like winning but most of the time I feel more of a sense of accomplishment if I execute my shots as close to what I visualize before every match, point, stroke, etc. I'm a perfectionist, I guess. I'm often much more upset at mishitting a ball for a winner than losing a well-contested point. Every so often I'll let out a groan after a terrible shot wins me a point and my opponent is like "what are you pissed off about?!?" Hey, it was a crappy, lucky shot. I didn't deserve it.

And strangely I'll have days where I'm happy with being technically sound even though I end up losing. I figure I did the best I could and met someone who played better.

I say "most of the time" because in tournaments that all goes out the window. I entered a local tournament a while back and my first-round match was the ugliest I've ever played -- but I snuck out of there with a three-set win. I went on to win the final with a much more technically sound match but it's the first one I'm most proud of.

Hmmm. I guess I should have voted for both. ;)