Whats the best racket set up for a single handed backhand ?


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I have built up a small racket collect over the years, K90's, Blade tours (K-Factor/BLX) and a PT57a.........however i was interested to know what the more experienced people on this forum think that best racket set up is for a single handed back hand ?

Ive always found that the K90's allowed me to hit my best backhands but they always lacked power on my forehand shots even when strung low. My blades seem to have the best set up for forehand shots as i can get some great power, spin and control but my backhand shots tend to be hit flatter with these rackets so i get more errors.

Ive just got my PT57a which is a very similar setup to my blades although its a bit heavier but i have the same issue, great forehand shots but my backhand's not as consistent.

Any suggestions would be appreciated ?

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In my opinion, 1hbh requires a "fearless" fast swing. Racquet head speed is important. I play my best 1hbh with a 95 inch head light racquet.


The best racquets I used for one-handed backhands (topspin and slice) were the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Classic and the Pro Kennex Ki 5x (using it now). Long before that, I had good backhands with the Pro Kennex Silver Ace. My topspin backhands were hard to control with the Wilson Pro Staff 5.5 Si and the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. I seem to hit better backhands with narrower beamed players spec racquets.


I've found that the balance of the racket has the most pronounced effect on how easily I can swing my 1hbh.


it dosent really matter what racquet head size is better for the 1hbh. its the feel that you are after.

if you have solid technique, its all the same, balls will always go in, just how different it feels with different sticks


Higher swingweight (>340), moderate HL balance (~6 pts), and high static weight (>12 oz). Most importantly, sharpen your senses, prepare early, and as mentioned above, swing with conviction.