What's the status of WTA 125s ? Wta Titles or Challengers?


If someone here has good knowledges regarding the WTA tour, can you enlighten me please?

This category of tournaments started in 2012. For 2020, we have Newport, Indian-Wells, Zapopan, Anning, Bol, Bastad, Karlsruhe, New-Haven, varsovie, Taipei, Houston and Limoges. The winner gets 160 WTA points, then 95, 57, 29, 15. This week we have the "Oracle Challenger Series, Indian Wells" a final between Doi and Begu.

It's just unclear to me whether these titles are considered "WTA titles" or "ITF titles" . It's supposed to be a a sort of intermediate between the WTA tour and the ITF women's circuit (W100, W80, W60, W25) , but the sources usually give contradictory informations. For instance, when Andreescu won IW last year, commentators said she won her first title, even though she won a 125 in Newport. They swear that players like Diatchenko, Blinkova and Zidanzek never won a WTA title, though they actually won a 125s. On the other hand, if you look at some sources online, they count these 125s as WTA titles. Some other count them as ITF/Challengers titles.

I am very confused now. If there is a specialist for WTA around here, I'm interested. Thank you.

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It’s strange, it has its own category as a WTA 125K. So you’d say a player has a WTA 125K title instead of just saying a WTA title. If they had both you’d say this player has a WTA 125K title and a WTA title.

I can definitively say it’s not an ITF title as it’s in the WTA calendar, not the ITF circuit.


WTA 125k is analogy to ATP Challengers. WTA 125k is indeed organized by the WTA, but is not part of the WTA Tour, in other words - WTA 125k titles are not counted between official WTA titles. This is a secondary circuit, sometimes referred to as the WTA Challenger Series.


Thanks for your answers. It's still ambiguous but a little bit more clear now.
They should broadcast this category of tournaments, IMO. There were some good players this week in the IW 125k.