What's the word on Bianca Andreescu?

Alba Barragan

I kinda like her game. Specially her mental one. She's a warrior out there, super strong, rarely chokes, and is willing to fight until the very end. It's her attitude out of the courts (and sometimes even on the courts) the one I'm not fond of :confused:


The word is: legit. And no exaggeration, I genuinely think she may change how the game is played on both tours.

Most tennis players fit into a game style: attacker, counterpuncher, retriever, finesse player, junkballer, etc.

I've never before seen a player literally play every one of those styles within a single point.

Federer may come the closest to doing that, but not nearly as often as she does. And damn does it work. Its unpredictability seems to really throw off her opponents, and she seems to do it instinctually rather than looking like she's just trying sh-t.

Reminds me of a five or six pitch pitcher, and damn is she talented as well as mentally tough.


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I like her, I watched her throughout the Indian Wells tournament, was think she’s the real deal. Strong serve and lots of diversity in her game. Her drop shots are deadly too. Definitely a rising star in the WTA.


She's great for tennis and women's tennis especially, and I do enjoy watching her. Hope she stays healthy and the rest will follow. She's still 18, right?

Liam Grennon

I like everything about her game except the drama, hair problem and extra weight.
Her "extra weight" wouldn't stop her from slapping you all over the court. I doubt she would break a sweat. But maybe she'll burn a couple of calories and slim down a bit.
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