What's wrong with Naomi Osaka?


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In her last three tournaments, Naomi Osaka has lost to
-#60 Magda Linette in 2nd rd--Washington DC
-#25 Carla Suarez Navarros 1st rd--Montreal
-#31 Maria Sakkari 1st rd--Cincinnati

All beatable matches.
What is wrong with her lately?
Is she like many other woman tennis pros who just doesn't have the 'killer instinct' or
competitive hunger to CONSISTENTLY win???

I LOVE the parity of womens tennis, unlike the men, but it just seems like no one, other than Serena, has the mental makeup to dominate in the long run.


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What is wrong with her lately?

Lately? She's never had consistent results, ever.

Osaka has the same problem as other players with low margin games. They can look great when they are on, but are unable to sustain that level for an appreciable amount of time.


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I would say more of the top ranked women are inconsistent,
I think it's an emotional thing. They have the talent.
There are always exceptions, but in general they aren't as COMPETITIVE as men.
C'mon guys, let's not add bro science to this

Men who play games like Osaka's aren't going to consistent, either


Coaching change and an attitude change. She needs a high end coach not a hitting partner. Put Cahill or Fissett in that camp and the results and attitude would have to change.


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That and Skyxxx.