What's your perfect racket paintjob, real or imaginary?


I'm incredibly partial to the BLX Pro Staff Six.One Tour 90, the paint job Roger used in 2012 and 2013. To my eyes it is the most elegant looking paint job I have seen.

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The 2014 PS90 a paint job that grew on me, mostly because it's the racquet I play with. Something about cream or white colored racquets looks really pretty while swinging. I feel like the color alone adds RHS to my shots.

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Oliver Topple

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I loved and miss those subtle shimmer paint jobs on Princes in the 90s; I had a Lite XB Midplus and a Comp 90 - both had it, and I miss them both. I love the simplicity of the new Phantoms too. When I saw the P17 Pure Strike though my mind was blown.


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Matt finished rubbery, powder candy colours. Dont like gloss finishes as for some reason it affects the way the racquet feels. Like the Dunlop biomimetic 200 paint scheme, the Volkl Tour 10 mp, Dunlop Hot Melt 200, Pro Staff 97 black. I like the new RAW paint schemes.


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Yonex Super Tour 95 with that multi-color upper band against a mostly black background. Classy, but with a color palette.
My favorites over the years:

Wilson PS 85
Head Prestige Classic
Yonex RD7
Yonex Cyborg 2700
Donnay X-Blue/X-Black
Yonex RD Ti-70
RF97 All Black


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I guess the first ever frame that caught my eye (*as far as the looks are concenred) was the Prince Spectrum Comp. Donnay’s first X-series had nice paint jobs, especially the X-Reds. The Volkl PB10 had nice paint jobs - all three version - especially the all black. Currently, I think Prince is back on top again with the Textreme Tour 95 & the Phantom series.


Head Pro Tour 630 and Head Prestige Classic Silver & Green version, especially with the neon green cap grommets.

K90 and Vacuum Pro 90 are also beautiful.

Henry Hub

The HPS Tour 90 is the belle of the ball in my eyes - other lookers:

Angell custom 90 or 95 (the black, grey and silver - not sure what year)
Babolat vs control
Dunlop MW200G
Dunlop Maxply McEnroe
Head Youtek prestiges
Head prestige 600 (though it’s more the contrast of the paint job and the green half cap)
Volkl v-engine tour 9 (explosion in a paint factory)
Volkl Tour 8 (the black and red one - think it was called the crusher in the US)
Wilson blade 98
Wilson JK autograph millennium (paint job rather than playability)
Wilson RF85
Yonex RD-7

A couple of more esoteric ones:
Jaguar Limited Edition (nothing beats racing green with a leather grip)
Lafourcade Aquilon
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Anything that doesn't have yellow in it.

I thought the Dunlop Muscle Weave 200 had one of the best paintjobs. Head Prestige and PT 630/280 too.

I like what Prince are doing with their cosmetics on their recent and new frames.
I love the Pure Strike PO7 paint job. With most companies going with dark tones, I think the white is super clean.

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