What's your perfect racket paintjob, real or imaginary?

I'm incredibly partial to the BLX Pro Staff Six.One Tour 90, the paint job Roger used in 2012 and 2013. To my eyes it is the most elegant looking paint job I have seen.

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The 2014 PS90 a paint job that grew on me, mostly because it's the racquet I play with. Something about cream or white colored racquets looks really pretty while swinging. I feel like the color alone adds RHS to my shots.

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I loved and miss those subtle shimmer paint jobs on Princes in the 90s; I had a Lite XB Midplus and a Comp 90 - both had it, and I miss them both. I love the simplicity of the new Phantoms too. When I saw the P17 Pure Strike though my mind was blown.
Matt finished rubbery, powder candy colours. Dont like gloss finishes as for some reason it affects the way the racquet feels. Like the Dunlop biomimetic 200 paint scheme, the Volkl Tour 10 mp, Dunlop Hot Melt 200, Pro Staff 97 black. I like the new RAW paint schemes.