When and where will they publish the new Top 500 National Ranking List?


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Hi everyone, first time poster here! I was wondering if anybody else knew when or was curious as to when the top 500 national standing list would be published?
I've reached out multiple times to the coordinator of this list and received no response in the past two times I've reached out (over 2 months apart) about this issue. I am trying to play some Futures tournaments because I was fortunate enough to have a good run at a Level 1 National Open last year. I just really hope the points don't expire before this list is published. It's been super frustrating because I've been at the top of the alternate list for a bunch of futures despite not having any ranking (but previously was in the top 150 on this list a few years ago).

Am I looking in the right place for it? It looks like it hasn't been updated since last year and rankings on the futures entry lists look consistent with this past list: Top 500 List

Thanks all!
Hey man! I just was sent an email from the USTA not long ago with the updated Top 500 list because I was begging them to update it for like 7 to 8 months now. I have been trying to play futures as well but since they didn’t update the list until now, I lost nearly a year of time playing. I can forward the email with the list to you if you’d like!


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Thanks man! Appreciate it. It looks like a lot of these Futures in the US will be hard to get into since the Qualies look like they're only taking 32 players compared to how they used to take 64 or 128 players. Probably will have to go to some abroad but it looks like there's a pretty strong calendar with a lot of different options starting in May.

Did they ever say how often they plan to update it? Or will these be the standings for the whole year?
I’m going to ask them about that. I know in the past it was supposed to be 4 times a year, but who knows now. I’m signed up for the ones in the states but so far only people with ATP rankings have gotten into the qualies. I’m signed up for 2 in Cancun in May. They have a 48 draw for qualies and it looks like less people are signing up. Might be something for you to look into.