When do you think the next grand slam will be won by someone who isn't Federer/Nadal?


I'm not sure whether this topic has been brought up yet, but it sprung to mind while reading a thread about some of the other young guns.

When do you think federer/nadal are gonna not win a slam?
I'm gonna say possibly wimbledon next year if federer is injured, if not then the us open 2008/aussie 2009? Sorry if i seems like i'm putting my neck on the line a bit here, just an inquisition.
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Finally, an interesting question, imo. Personally, I can't see anyone else winning a GS until, maybe, 2009.


I'm thinking nobody has a chance until Federer retires. Upon his retirement the Aussie and US Opens come into play. Of course, I wouldn't begin to speculate on his retirement date...that would just be silly.


French Open 2008. I see Nadal losing early maybe 4th round, and Fed thinking hes got the French in the bag faulters in the semis to an on fire clay player.

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I think Roger will have a tough challenge this year at the U.S Open as he tries to be come the first man in the open era to win 4 straight U.S Opens.Its gonna be tough but he always likes that challenge.


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It all depends on when I can turn Pro! (ofcourse we have a few other TW forum members capable of beating Federer on grass and Nadal on Clay).
Right now its hard for me to POST and also play ATP tour.

Given that , One of the few players who has game to hurt Federer beyond Nadal is David Nalbandian. May be if he can start training and motivating himself hard, he can do some damage.

I heard someone mention that he has recommited himself to Tennis. So may be he will .


what will happen is, Canas will play Federer at the USO this year, beat him, then lose next round. haha


My guess it will happen sooner then most predict and it will be someone most don't expect from.