When going for his shots, Roddick's game can be downright scary

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Mansewerz, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Mansewerz

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    I don't know who else saw the Australian open match with Cilic, but in the 3rd and 4th set, Roddick realized that his shoulder was not getting better, so he started smacking the ball, off both wings.

    I'm not sure why he doesn't do this more often. Perhaps he realizes how risky it is. I think he just needs to still find a little more balance between that and his counterpunching game. He is now able to grind it out a bit more until he finds his rhythm, he just needs to use that rhythm to attack when he gets it.

    I'm not sure what happened in the 5th set of that QF, or what happened against Nadal today.
  2. JJK947

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    Roddick played amazing for that period, but too little too late, especially with the shoulder.
  3. FD3S

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    Mar 20, 2006
    I remember hearing that Roddick was a pretty small junior, and played off the ground like one - I guess it would make sense that he would be more comfortable with that playing style, especially since it looks to take a whole lot less effort than cranking groundies.

    Now, as for the bolded part - as dominating and powerful as Roddick was back in 2003/2004, he also racked up some truly abysmal UE counts in some matches, mainly by going for a huge forehand when he shouldn't have.
  4. nn

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    He got balance game where backend won't tank under pressure.

    Also he got the patience and stamina to match nadal or others in long rallies.

    Today he add 2003 forehand and results speak for itself.

    He needs more matches like that before hitting road block call Roger in major and smash him once in life time to take revenge of those 4 loss brutal loss in wimby final alone.
  5. pjonesy

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    Mar 3, 2010
    When I saw Roddick play Sampras at Miami in 2001, I really though I was watching the evolution and future of the game. He actually hit Sampras with a serve! Sampras could not react quickly enough to block it back or get out of the way! Roddick had the biggest serve I had ever seen, he hit his groundstrokes (especially the forehand) with tremendous pace but with enough topspin to increase his margin for error and keep the ball in the court. Roddick was very raw but you could see that he had a lot charisma and the intensity that a champion needs. Then Federer came along and Andy did not matter as much. You can tell that Roddick still cares and WANTS TO WIN! He has always tried hard but he will need a lot of luck to win another major at this point in his career. The Wimbledon run last year gives me hope that he has something left. I agree that Roddick has to go for his groundstrokes and generally has to play aggressive to win!

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