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USO 17 of course. Resurrected Delpo and Peak Anderson is no joke. Delpo took out USO Co-GOAT while Anderson is multi Slam finalist, if he could finish his matches at this Wimby sooner, I think he had a decent shot at beating Nole in the final.


USO 2013 peak Djokovic

USO 2017 easier draw than 2013, he only faced one Grand Slam Winner (Del Potro) and the assassin of neo-backhand Federer (Anderson), none of them are as complicated as peak Djokovic.

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AO12, 14, 17 or USO 11 would've been good if he had won those. He displayed a higher level in thosethan in some of the slams he won but got outclassed in the final .
Federer fans and Nadal deniers look at every draw of Nadal's, no matter hard or easy; as a cakewalk.

Nadal's draw in today's world/standards of tennis is a medium draw.

The 3R is extremely tough (Khachanov made the 4R the last 2 slams and is only improving), the 4R is average, the QF to me is below-average even though Anderson has made 2 slam finals in the last year; and everything beyond that isn't worth evaluating as it's tough and supposed to be tough SF-onwards anyway.

Can any honest Federer fan tell me HOW Nadal's US Open draw is easier than Federer's Wimbledon draw?

Because I heard nothing and no whining from them about Federer's easy draw then.

Nadal's draw is similar with Anderson as projected QF'ist, only that his 3R, 4R, AND SF opposition is TOUGHER and MUCH tougher at that than Federer's.

The true and only outrage should be reserved for Djokovic's draw

His first 4 rounds might be the easiest for a 6th seed ever.

As for Nadal's US Open draws:

His 2013, 2017 ones were indeed easy, but ergo, he appropriately dispatched those draws with insane games won% numbers.

His 2010 draw is "underrated".

2010 lacks a great semifinalist, but:

1R:Gabashvili (great 1R opponent, much heigher ceiling, has made a slam 4R and two 3R's at two other slams including the USO)
2R: Istomin (great 2R opponent, much heigher ceiling)
3R: Simon (great 3R opponent, heigher ceiling, made 2 slam QF's in his career and here at 25 years is at his physical peak, not some washed up player)
4R: Lopez (good 4R opponent, also made quarterfinals in his career, by the way took a set off Federer/Murray/Djokovic at the 2007-2012-2015 US Open runs in which they all eventually were champions. Not against Nadal)
QF: Verdasco (good QF opponent)
SF: Youzhny (the weak link, past his level/results prime, more of a QF-level opponent)
F: Djokovic (is Djokovic, no need to say more)

That 2010 run barring the SF might be one of the toughest ever, especially for a #1.