When will Del Potro win his first Masters title

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When will Del Potro win his first Masters title

  1. this spring on hard courts

  2. this spring on clay

  3. this summer on hard courts

  4. this fall

  5. next year sometime (2012)

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  6. sometime in 2013

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  7. sometime after 2013

  8. never

  1. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    One big piece missing from Del Potro's career is that he has yet to win a Masters title. In fact the U.S Open title is his only title above 500 level. The most famous invididual to not win a Masters title was Yevgeny Kafelnikov, a former World #1 and 2 time Slam winner, who completed his career having never won a Masters. Del Potro should win one at some point, as he is a far more talented player than the overachieving 2 slam winner Kafelnikov.

    When do you think Del Potro's first Masters title will be. Will it be this year sometime, in a later year, or never.
  2. kishnabe

    kishnabe G.O.A.T.

    Dec 16, 2008
    Toronto, Cincinatti, Paris are his best chances.

    We all know how well he can play on the Summer HC swing (08,09) and Indoor Tennis (09). He getting there.....I don't know if it is this year.

    The top 4 look menacing.....Federer may drop down to 5-6 in the future....and Del Potro can take the 4th spot. If he can do that....then his chances will go up since facing 3 of the Top4 to win a MS1000 or a slam is tough.

    He done 2 before....so we will see. Hope the usual trend of top 4 players wins MS1000 stops this year.
  3. Tammo

    Tammo Banned

    May 23, 2011
    I would sayy Paris or Shanghai. Possibly at Cincy or Toronto, but in the fall is his best hope.
  4. DjokovicForTheWin

    DjokovicForTheWin Banned

    May 30, 2011
    Probably best to ask a poster like davey25 or thelivest.
  5. Clarky21

    Clarky21 Banned

    Apr 9, 2011
    As long as Djesus is still breathing he won't win one unless he really,really improves. He couldn't beat Djesus when he was playing the best tennis of his career.
  6. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Djesus wont win every Masters. Are you saying he will win all 9, LOL! So there will be room for some others. Whether that will be Del Potro in any of them this year or not remains to be seen.
  7. celoft

    celoft Guest

    Maybe Shanghai when most top players will be tired.

    I think he will peak at the USO and during the fall. If he makes the WTF, he might do well there.
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