When you think about the Big3 in 25-30 years, which player besides them will you remember the most of this era?


Andy Murray cause he broke the Wimbledeon curse.

Juan Martin De Potro cause he was the best player that had the game that could beat all of the Big Four. He was the most loved underdog during The Big Four era.

Gael Monfils the greatest talent who never became a champion. The smoothest and nicest guy on the tour.

David Ferrer the little pitbull that never stopped.

Dustin Brown, the guy with the best talent who never reached any potential.

Sergiy Starhovsky, the guy who shocked Wimbledeon and made Fed look like an amateur on grass.

The storybook is still be written for the Next Generation


Bionic Poster
I gotta go with Andy.



murray is still playing tennis and is basically already being forgotten. i don't think he will be famous in 20-30 years if he is already being forgotten while still somewhat active.

for me federer/nadal/serena. will be remembered/mentioned a lot.


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Dustin Brown, the guy with the best talent who never reached any potential.

I don't think this is really a fair assessment of Dustin. maybe in a different era, like the 70s or the 80s, his set of skills could have made him a top player, but his talents were never the right ones to make him that in today's game. His baseline game is simply not solid enough. But obviously an incredible player to watch, showing that you can play at a high level even today with a very unorthodox game.