Where can I find this color of the Nike Vapor Cage 4 shoes?


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Hi, I am a fan of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4, and have been wearing them for awhile now.

I recently found this white/red/orange color of the Cage 4 model on **** that I absolutely fell in love with. I searched everywhere (Nike.com, Tennis warehouse, **************, GOAT, etc) to see where I can purchase the men's size 7 of this style shoes, but no luck so far. Here is the image of the shoes - Nike Zoom Vapor Cage 4 HC White Red Orange Tennis Shoe DJ4710 100. I contacted the seller on **** and asked where he got this model, and he said he found it from a local tennis shop.

Do you guys know where I could possibly find this color of the shoes?

Thank you!


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I thought that those were basically '2020' (2021) Tokyo Olympics PE? :unsure:
I don’t think it’s Tokyo Olympics Edition. I think it’s “Rawdacious” style that Nike uses for tennis shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes and all that jazz. I could find GP turbo and air zoom vapor pro models with this “rawdacious” color on but they all seem very rare to find.


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Player Exclusive for Tokyo; i.e. not released retail?
oh I didn’t know PE stands for play exclusive, buti think that could be possible. I saw Rublev wearing vapor pro with that color during the Olympics, and I tried so hard to find it but could’t.

I guess there’s not much I can do to get a pair of that if it’s Player Exclusive, right :(


I saw one pic of Nadal practicing in these and thought they looked great, wasn't that interested in the other Olympic models with the rawdacious colors. I think most of it got scrapped when the olympics were delayed. A few of the runners and SB models made it to wide release.