Where can I have proper highlights of Nadal/DelPotro ?


I couldn't watch the match yesterday and thought I would find highlights of 15/20 minutes on YouTube as usual. But I can only find the highlights made by the Wimbledon account which last 3minutes for a match of 5 hour... It's a shame.

So do you know where can I find the entire match or better highlights ?

Thanks a lot guys


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I want to watch it too :(

I watched Federer vs Anderson on TV, and then I couldn't stay up late because I had to work in the morning the next day. Really want to watch Nadal vs Del Potro


Anyone have a link to the Del Potro Hewitt 2009 Wimbledon match? Del Potro was favoring his left wrist in the Nadal match the other day. Did he get asked a question about it in the presser? My old tennis coach has conveyed he takes oxycodone everyday for his wrists.