Where did the Fedr fans who claimed that only slams matter?


Good chance Federer ends third in the Slam race of this era. Although that would require Djokovic to win 4 more Slams and that's a tall order.

Guess it depends on how much game next-next gen and Thiem can show over the next couple of years. They need to up their game bigtime, but do they even have it in them...


Very true. The moving of the goalposts has been hilarious to witness.
The goalposts have never been in place. Even when he won Wimbledon in 2009 to break Sampras's record it was all "Fedal H2H" wherever you looked. Even when he improved on that record between the 2010 AO to the 2018 AO.

Kids today, eh?
The Federer fans who claim only slams matter are still here. They, however, know, that when slams are equal—other things like number of weeks at 1 matter.


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2019 Wimbledon will hunt Federer forever.
I’m just shocked how dominant nadal was even with a 7 month layoff. Nadal could end up with 22/23 easily the way he’s playing on clay

fed always has a chance at Wimbledon but he’s 39 and almost 40 by next July.