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  1. Hello, I'm thirteen and a half and I am planning on starting home schooling this summer,(so I can get a lot more tennis in, and Right now I am in between a 4.0 and 4.5. I am planning on finishing school by 15 and a half and going pro. I understand I need an ITF pin number to enter the qualifiers of futures events, but I am not sure which events to enter. I am also not sure what ntrp I should be by the time I enter these events and do well in them. How many events should I do a year?
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    Do you live in the US? If so - you really should be concerned about sectional and national rankings in jr age groups and/or open if you're seriously thinking of the pros. Perhaps international rankings for juniors. Don't worry about NTRP - it serves a different purpose. If you are really good and have strong pro potential, you'd be consistently winning at Open events.

    If you aren't winning at least 2 or 3 matches (not defaults, not beat up on the local/club hacks 0&0) and reaching the Quarters or Semis in Open events against quality opponents- you might want to re-think your goal of turning pro @ 15 1/2. That isn't to say you can't do it, more like it's hard to put a schedule like 2 years on it. The way I look at it is - it is an achievement oriented thing; once you reach a set of tough objective results against quality opponents - then you're ready.

    There is much you haven't said here, and I don't claim to understand your situation.
  3. The thing is... I haven't played more than five tournaments. Even those where just local tournaments. The reason being my coach says if i focus on training more than going for a ranking, then coming up when I turn pro will give me more practice and nobody will know my game. what is your take on this. Should I go for national rankings or just do what my coach suggested?
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    your coach is trying a williams sister aproach. which fails with most people. i would play whatever i could get my hands on if i was you. the more matches the better. unless your losing alot i would keep playing tournies. if you are losing alot then you go back and practice and then try again with 3-5 tournies in a row.
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    What you might try is the "Junior League and Tournament" section. There are some players and parents in there with similar goals to yourself. Here we have mostly people well past their prime who could never touch playing pro, so our advice might be adorable, but probably not as useful as those actually going for the prize.
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    Adorable indeed!!:lol:
  7. ok i'l start a new thread in that section. I do play loads of matches but I just don't play many tournaments....

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