Where to buy used rackets old in Europe ?


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Asking here on the forums is a good place to start as there are many users from Europe who may be able to help.

I would also, if you can, try to specify what you're looking for, what you're willing to pay, etc. This may help your search as even if a forum member doesn't have what you're looking for, they may know someone in their tennis community who might.

Finally, I would suggest sending a private message to the Administrators asking them to move this message to the "Racquets" or "Classic Racquet Talk" forums (whichever you/they think is best) as that will likely help you get more, and more useful, responses.

Hope this helps.
Google used tennis racquets (insert your country/town name) could be a good place to start. Or ask coaches in clubs, they usually know someone who sells used sticks.