Where to go from M-fil 300


Im a junior player currently using the Dunlop M-fil 300, my current set-up is Mains- Head RIP control 16 @59
Crosses- PSGD 16 @ 55

I've decided i need to move on from these and am looking for something with a little more heft/solidity on returns, and overall power for serves ect. I dont want a radical leap to something like Wilson K90 but certainly something a more solid.

Any suggestions?


Aerogel 200 or 100 might be an option. Wilson K95 mid is another reasonable good option. Babolat aeropro cortex is another option. you just have to demo these and see.


Another suggestion is to try the M-Fil 200 16x19. Its about a half ounce heavier stock with the same string pattern and almost the same size head. It has a slightly thinner beam and also leaves nice room for customization.


thanks for the suggestions
i've tried lead tape in the past with minimal success but i could give it another shot. Where/how much would you suggest putting on?

If that doesnt pan out, i am going to need a new racquet. The main thing im looking for is a little more solidity/heft on returns/volleys, and a little bigger sweetspot if possible (the M-fil is pretty harsh if you dont hit dead center)


The only thing that worked for me with leadtape was short strips of leadtape at 12 o'clock and 5 grams along the handle. 3-5 grams at 12 o'clock makes a big difference but don't use leadtape at 3 and 9 or anywhere else. Only these locations.
This set up worked for me because the sweetspot was raised and most people tend to hit high in the stringbed just where the sweetspot was located now. I didn't notice any harsh feeling anymore and i got more power.
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I agree that you should take a close look at the AG200.

I have one and do like to take it out once in a while when I'm feeling on top of my game.


200 16x19 is only 70 bucks, you could get two of them matched for the new price of one of these other suggestions. I do believe they are available for demo as well


ehh i dont know about the 200 16X19. From what i've read it has less pop than the 300 which is definitley not what im looking for. Also the swingweight is very low.

Im going to try the above lead suggestion. If im not a fan (i havent liked the feel of lead tape on the 300 in the past)

my short demo list is as follows

Prince 03 Hybrid Tour
Head Radical Pro
Tecnifibre 310 (if its ever available for demo)
Prince 0zone Tour