Where would Peak 09' Davydenko Rank?


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How do you think Davydenko at his 2009 best would stack up against today's field?

This guy's groundstrokes were godly in his prime and was as agile as a cat. Probably the guy that caused Rafa the most problems on hardcourts with Novak. I think he would definitely make today's top 10 and maybe top 5 in 09' form but consistency always proved a problem for Davy, incredible player on his day though, fantastic to watch.


I rate Davydenko very highly. He had unique abilities. Who else can hit these angles while half-volleying the ball on the run?

Unfortunately his performance in best of five matches hurt his career.

My guess is he would compete very similarly today.


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Easily top 5 imo, maybe even better. Basically a more aggressive version of Nishikori with a much better serve.