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Discussion in 'Strings' started by T-Vex, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. T-Vex

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    Aug 6, 2010
    Ok, here's the thing. Im a not so proud owner of this racket:

    Wilson Blade Comp
    280 grams
    head heavy
    grip: 3 3/8

    Lately, as I upgraded my game (to a supposed 4.0 level), I started to experience some issues (tension drop, loss of control, instability of racket in shot production...)

    About 2.5 weeks ago I decided to change my sintetyc strings with something that provides more control, durability and less tension loss. I asked that from a girl in a local tennis store.
    She suggested some polyester strings, middle-prized in its class.

    Of course, I immediately felt the change, boosted feeling of control, but ...with these notable drawbacks:

    - general lack of power in shots (strining tension was 25 kgs/ 55 lbs),
    - especially big power loss was on my double-handed BH DTL (almost trademark) shot
    - serve... I really, really had to hit it hard to cause any sort of damage to oponents returning intentions (99% of my matches are played on european red clay)

    Two weeks have passed and lack of power on BH (no matter what I did!) made me crazy!
    And not only power deteriorated in terms of my BH but control, too! I suddenly start to feel awkard with holding my double-handed backand!

    The story gets complicated here. My racket actually is crap. Its frame material is some compozite trash thats not stiff enough, that oftenly makes racket twist.... well, I got the gear cheaply, and thats what it gave me instead!!

    But TBH, i didnt actually feel those flaws until I got myself a new, stiff stringbed.
    Stiff string + rel. high tension + bad racket = all sort of troubles with racket control.

    Moreover, my overgrip started to unwrap and have holes
    Racket oftenly "danced" in my hand (especially on FH shot), while with being strechted faraway on BH i usually had some stability issues on my crap-cket.

    My first thought was: nonoptimized grip!

    I went to that same store again, and the guy told me that it doesnt make sense for a racket to be unstable in my hand due to a thin grip!
    He said it could maybe be cause of a thick one, and that didnt sound reasonable to me.

    My grip definitely is to thin, (i cant put my whole left index finger beetwen the ring finger and a thumb on my right hand while having a grip ona racket) and my logic is: if a grip is to small for my hand, then that hand want fell stable on it, wouldnt it?

    To cut it short, 2 days ago I changed strings ago with Pros Pro Top Spin strings (dont know the gauge). Yesterday I used my newly strung racket and for the first time AND IT WAS A DISASTER:

    the ball wentall over the place, induced power really didnt suit me well, eventually I totally lost my confidence and after that i stoped using the right technice (esp on FH) and it all felt just like crap... although, i must admit SERVE speed power really seemed improved, and i finally even managed to drop some notable kick on it, for the first time!

    I like those two things, but damaged feel of control is so big Im convinced it will deteroirate my current game level, and im really not sure will I ever be able to overcome it :)

    What to do? To go back to poly again, maybe trying to find strings which offer a bit more power that prevois poly i had or to settle my mind on adopting to making long shots shorter with change in technic (faster "closing" of a swing)????

    Help please...

    And, many thanks for being patient enough to read all of the post!


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    May 5, 2009
    Lower the tension to 21/22kgs.
    You shots will thank you and your arm too.
  3. T-Vex

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    Aug 6, 2010
    I have NEVER played (newly strung, of course) lower than 24 or 23kg..
    ...since I have serious control issues with current stringbed (Pros Pro Top Spin, 25 kg), try and imagine who would it look like if I lower the tension for another 3 points :-?

    Anyways, guys on Essential Tennis forum have been helpful and had enlighten me about one crucial fact I somehow overlooked:
    I need a better peace of racket :)

    Today I was in a local shop and got Yonex (100 sq inch, balance head heavy, 4 3/8 grip, 16*18, graphite mixture, 280g) for a tryout. He's strung on a hybrid stringbed ca @ 23kg...
    ..so I'll probably (if this damn rain stops) see what kind of a deal can offer a true quality racket and a hybrid setup that I have never played in my life.


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