Which Adidas barricade is best for toe dragging, durability?


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I know there are several lines of Barricades. My 17 y/o son is switching from NIke Zoom Cage 2s. The original Zoom Cage uppers lasted until the soles wore out, but the Cage 2s split in the toes before the soles are worn.
Also son will play D1 tennis in a year at a university that has Adidas not NIke uniforms and shoes, so he might as well get used to wearing Adidas again. I assume they will probably play in the cheaper Team model.

Son got a free pair of Ubersonics at Nat Hardcourts in August but I think he said they were too low and he wont wear them to play. He will wear them around as he likes the G Dub style. He has been wearing a pair of the Miami Barricades from last year that he bought a size up when they were on sale last summer. I think he got Barricade Boosts at Kzoo in 2015 but was not crazy about them.

What are your recommendations for Barricades? If you wear the Barricade boosts, is this year's model different than last year? I have heard Barricades run narrow,; if son is coming from Zoom Cage, should he go up a size? All the Barricades come with 6 month warranty-right? Is it true that now Adidas uses a voucher for warranty replacement so players can choose their replacement? Several years ago, son did wear Barricades and hated it when he got a navy or black replacement pair in the summer. Shoe uppers can melt and split on court when it is 95 degrees air temp and probably 120+ on court.


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Dan Z

As a fellow toe-dragger I always found Barricades very poor from a durability viewpoint. Was getting through 3-4 pairs a year before the left toe had worn through. Switched to the cheaper and slightly less supportive Yonex SHT Durable line and can almost get a year out of 1 pair. Not sure what Yonex make their soles out of on that particular shoe but it really is durable!
Appreciate this isnt really answering your question but if you want to save some money....