Which Blade 98 plays closest to 2013 Blade 93


Ive been using the 2013 Blade 93 for about 2 years now and love it. However, there are times where I wouldn’t mind a little more forgiveness from a larger head size. I recently picked up a pair of n6.1 95’s as they have a near identical spec to the Blade 93. They do play similarly but despite the similarity in weight, balance and swingweight, the 6.1’s seem to swing heavier and are less maneuverable.

I’m aware all iterations of the blade 98 are fairly far off spec wise but it’s nothing a little lead won’t fix. I’m just wondering for those who have used the blade 93, which blade 98 has the closest feel? I’ve tried the black and gold BLX blade but didn’t like it as much. Thanks


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Try every Blade before the CV trash. I ve played with black/Gold,Black and Black/Green which are my favorite line cause they retain the classic blade feel but with added softness and plush on touch.