Which brand shoes?

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    Nov 5, 2012
    Hi all. Guess I'll start off with a question...

    What brand/model shoes should I get?

    More info:

    If anything, I tend to run/walk a bit too much on the outside edge of my feet. Long ago in high school I had to quit wearing Brooks running shoes because they exagerated that problem.

    I've been wearing Reebok sneakers (non-tennis) for a few years. They just seem to fit me best.

    I've tried Addidas several times; had a pair I bought and gave away; and do still have one pair I wear. However, they tend to have a high spot in the arch that's too far forward, just behind the ball of my foot that eventually becomes uncomfortable.

    My first pair of tennis shoes were Prince T22s that I still have. They were okay for my foot, but a bit heavy and stiff.

    I recently went to the local Nike outlet and bought a pair that felt really good in the store. Seemed to have great lateral stability. Looking at TW, I think they're Court Ballistecs but can't be sure which. However, after maybe 15-20 minutes of tennis, the outer part of my foot starts to hurt, like it's being raised up too much. And I don't seem to have any spring to my step, feeling flat-footed. If I play hard I can work through it, but afterward my feet feel pretty odd. I don't think these are the shoes for me.

    I assume different brands have typical fits. Can anyone recommend a brand based on my comments?


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