Which grip lasts longer and is better?

which grip is better lastins and moer confortable on court?

  • Wilson pro grip White(Federer)

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  • Tourna Grip blue (Sampras)

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which grip is better in confort, durability and anything else!
the Wilson Pro grip? (federer)
Tourna Grip? (Sampras)


In durability the wilson Pro definatly lasts longer. Turnagrip hardly lasts a match. I remember watching one of Sampras' matches, I was probaly about 5 rows behind him on change overs, and he changed his grip every time he sat down. I don't know if it was just his routine, but I know it does not last. I dont know about the pros, but I personaly like the wilson pro over the turnagrip in feel as well.


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the two questions in your poll are very differnet. good feel goes to the tourna grp, durability to teh wilson pro white. its really all about what you want, which is mroe important to you, but this poll question is not goign to yeild very many understanble answers.


Both are my favorite overgrip... Wilson pro grip White is more durable but i like the dry feel and personally find the touna grip comfortable.


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It's probably just me, but TournaGrip is a bit too dry and gives me blisters. I find the Wilson Pro very comfortable.


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TurnaGrip suck. it warn out only 3-4 games and it twrist my racquet everytime I rip my forehand too hard. I've try Wilson Pro Grip, I personally think is the best. However, it get dirty fast, but who care, it last...


i like tournagrip outdoor and wilson pro white indoor i think tournagrip does alot better with large amounts of sweat but the wilson works indoor


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I have used Tournagrip for many years, buy it in bulk. I am comfortable with it and see no reason to change -


crazylevity said:
It's probably just me, but TournaGrip is a bit too dry and gives me blisters. I find the Wilson Pro very comfortable.
i've found the tournagrip to give me blisters too. the wilson pro white is the way to go.
since supergrap isnt an option, i picked wilson pro. the black supergrap lasts the longest since u can just flip it over and use the other side without any noticable discoloring


if you fools just bought tourna XL, it would last so much longer. some people on this forum dont even know what way to grip tourna. tourna xl on leather grip is the best grip in the world.


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As hummer23 said, this is two very different questions. Without doubt, the Wilson lasts longer, but which one is better depends on your situation. The Wilson is tacky, but not especially absorbent, so it can get slippery under hot, humid conditions if you get sweaty palms. Tacky is not necessarily what everyone likes. Tournagrip is not tacky at all, absorbs sweat like a sponge, and does not get slippery even when soaked.

So, the choice is:
--Wilson, if you like a slightly tacky grip and your hands don't get very sweaty.
--Tournagrip, if your hands get sweaty and slippery.
--If you don't get sweaty/slippery, and don't like tacky, then no overgrip at all; just use the leather grip that comes with your racquet.

Me, I use Tournagrip in the warmer months. I sometimes switch off to the Wilson, but only in the cooler months, when sweat is not as big a problem.


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Shiny pipes in with more oddity!

Any of you familiar with my post on my stringing method won't be surprised by this post.

I have tried many many retail grip products. Imho, they are all total crap. Consider the corporate motivation...sell more grips. The logical conclusion is that their grips will start to feel "degraded" after a short time in order to motivate the consumer to buy a new grip.

I HAD a permanent solution, but unfortuntely the secret escaped me. Here is what I found. There is a product which I found in the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart approximately 3 years ago. It's a flesh-colored wrap. It has embedded elastic fibers. It's slightly thinner than classic ace-wrap material. It has an embedded long lasting adhesive which enables it to stick to itself. Unfortunately, I bought it so long ago that I lost the box and can't remember the name. A single roll lasted a long time. I remember that it cost around 8-12 dollars. I THINK the name was something like FLEX-WRAP, or FLEX-ALL or something, but that is the least concrete clue I have. Naturally, Wal-Mart stopped carrying the dam product so when I went to buy more I was fudged.

Now they have a very thin flesh colored self adhering product which won't work and a corrugated, but thin multicolored self adhering product which also won't work.

Anyway, the original product is a freaking dream come true! I play in the hot humid Florida climate. I can(and do) literally take a shower in the middle of matches. Soaking wet, with water pouring all over the grip and drenching it. It still won't slip!

Sigh. I wish I knew the company that made it.