Which is more durable -- full bed of gut or a gut hybrid?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by HitItHarder, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. HitItHarder

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    Jul 24, 2009
    I am getting ready to string up my YT Rad Pro with some Pacific Classic Gut 16. Since I just recently switched to this racquet about a month ago, I am still trying to settle on a string setup for it.

    This racquet is a bit of a string eater (open 16x19 pattern) so I typically play full poly, specifically WC Turbotwist 1.18. I started at 54lbs and have slowly lowered the tension to the mid-40s because that seems to give me longer string life. I was breaking the Turbotwist in about 4 to 6 hours of play, but it is pretty thin since I was using it in a denser string pattern racquet before I switched over to the Rad Pro. With the lower tension (around 45lbs), I am getting more like 8 to 10 hours out of the setup before it breaks.

    Just to cover my bases, I want to put gut in this stick before settling on a string setup. Multis don't hold up well in it as I ate through some X-One 17 in no time. So gut is my last option.

    I am wondering, since my gut experience is limited --

    Will I get more durability out of a full bed of gut or a gut hybrid?

    If I hybrid, I want to keep the gut in the mains so I keep that gut feel for the string bed. For crosses, I have several choices on hand - Turbotwist 1.18, MSV Hex 1.10, Lux Adrenaline 17, Alpha Gut 2000 16, Alpha Sphere 16, Head FXP 17, FXP Power 17, OG Micro 18, Head Syn. Gut PPS 17, Forten Sweet 17, NRG2 18, RIP Control 17, and I even think I have some 15L Alpha nylon floating around.

    Advice and suggestions welcome.
  2. baek57

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    Mar 31, 2008
    I get more durability from a gut hybrid using Isospeed control classic than I do with a full bed of gut. I'm sure it would depend on the string though. Hope that helps.
  3. aggietex08

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Montgomery, Texas
    I've been wondering the same thing with mutli lately. Can't comment on gut because its too expensive for me but when I used a multi as a full bed i cut it out before it pops. In a hybrid with a poly (red code so not a shaped poly) it poped before I felt it was dead. If polys do not extend but shorten the life of a string bed then what benefits do they provide?
  4. JT_2eighty

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    Mar 11, 2009
    clearing out my collection
    I would try it with the RIP control 17 you have on hand. Gut mains and RIP crosses is probably finally my holy grail after years of playtesting. It also happens to be the most durable gut setup I've tried, as the RIP doesn't notch like other multis, so the string life benefits from the Ribbon construction of the RIP strings. PLUS, the fact that using a multi cross (RIP) as opposed to poly cross (which will die much sooner), means you can play this hybrid confidently until breaking and not be worried about your crosses dying on your valuable mains.

    And since Head's strings are often cited as being made by Isospeed, and also that both Head's RIP series and the Isospeed classic strings both use Polyolefin Ribbon construction, I find the gut and polyolefin to be a superb combo for feel, control, spin and durability. The spin is right up there with the gut/poly hybrid, as the polyolefin ribbon string has a smooth, almost notch-proof surface that mimics the function of poly crosses, and as you may know the RIP has almost a "poly-like" control to it, so it tames the power of the gut without reducing the pocketing feel that a poly cross would impart.

    As the lab tests show, RIP and Isospeed are very similar (sorted by stiffness):
    Head Intellistring 17 (Cross)____Polyolefin 1.28 136
    Head Intellitour 17 (Cross)_____Polyolefin 1.28 136 (my cross of choice)
    Isospeed Platinum 16 (Cross)___Polyolefin 1.27 138
    Head Intellitour 16 (Cross)_____Polyolefin 1.33 143
    Isospeed Professional 17_______Polyolefin 1.25 151
    Isospeed Professional 17 (Classic)_Polyolefin 1.27 152
    Isospeed Control (Classic) 16____Polyolefin 1.29 154 (other suggested cross)
    Isospeed Control 16___________Polyolefin 1.27 158
    Head Intellitour 17 (Main)______Nylon/Polyolefin 1.3 177
    Head Intellistring 16 (Main)_____Nylon/Polyolefin 1.32 178
    Head RIP Control 17___________Nylon/Polyolefin 1.28 178

    Also you may want to grab a thing of Babolat string savers, and only pop in the savers as soon as you see the strings start to fray. I'll typically pop in a saver at any intersection that starts to fray and definitely this doubles my gut life. But, I use 18x20 sticks, so you would definitely want to invest a few bucks in the savers so that you don't break your gut too soon.
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  5. HitItHarder

    HitItHarder Semi-Pro

    Jul 24, 2009
    This sounds like an interesting combination. Thanks for the detailed response. I like everything about RIP Control except the lack of spin. I could adjust its power with tension, but I could never get the spin I wanted out of the string. But using it as a cross with Gut makes since it is so control oriented and is pretty durable. Plus, the gut should solve the low spin problem. I am leaning towards giving this a go first, especially since I am coming from an all poly set up and this might give me something a little easier to control.

    Anyone else have any comments on the durability of gut as a full bed verses a hybrid?

    The few times I have used gut has been in a hybrid with a soft multi, and the gut always seemed to eat through the multi pretty fast. That was why I was thinking of staying away from a hybrid. However, RIP is more on the durable side for a multi, so that may solve the problem right there. I just haven't ever used a full bed of gut, so I wasn't quite sure how it would compare durability wise.
  6. spdskr

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    Aug 28, 2007
    I use a full bed of Pacific Classic 17 in a 18 x 20 frame with the addition of 20 string savers. This setup last me longer than gut mains/poly crosses in my 16 x 18 frames. The gut doesn't die and with the string savers, the mains don't notch as badly. Keep in mind that a full bed of gut will feel differently than a hybrid. You should probably up your tension from what you have been using with the poly setup.

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