Which is the better replacement grip

Which is the best replacement grip in terms of feel, comfort, and how thin it is,
Wilson True Grip, Prince Resi Pro, Head Hydrozorb Tour, or Babolat Skin Feel grips. I am looking for replacement grips for my Head Prestiges.


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I actually really like the Dunlop GeckoTak. I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong....

Either way, my replacement grip of choice. I do like using overgrips instead of replacing the grip itself.


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It is a great grip through and throughout. That said, there are better out there. Now when you say feel and comfort, are you thinking like a leather or something very absorbent or something more tacky?
Trying to get away from leather. Already have leather grips on my racquets but tired of my hands ripping apart if I don't play for week. So looking for a softer grips but that are just as thin and comfortable as leather.


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if you're looking for a really comfortable replacement grip, then you can't really go wrong with yonex high soft grap.
I first tried these last summer on the recommendation of my friend and he couldn't have been more right! I hope this was helpful even though the yonex grip wasn't in your original listing :)


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I only have experience with the Wilson True grip which I just put on today but so far I really like it. Just finished a 3-hour session with it on my new Donnay X-Dual Gold 99 and it's so much better than the way-too-soft stock Donnay grip. Provides excellent bevel definition which was missing on the stock grip and has a firm, but not too firm feel to it. Seems pretty tacky but I do actually play with a Wilson overgrip on everything so I only played around with it breifly before putting the OG on.


Do you mean Head hydroSorb? If so, I really like that grip but if you want something very thin go with the skin feel
i played w/ the babolat skin feel for 20hrs and i really don't like it. if you need to make your grip smaller, this is the one to go, but i'd use an over grip w/ it. i didn't use over grip, and this grip has ZERO comfort and absorbency. you will feel all the shock in your elbows and it will slips around a lot when you sweat or when it's humid outside. so if you're prone to TE, i'd avoid this or at the very least, put on an over grip.

i was stubborn and tried it out anyway since i saw many great reviews.


I like the Wilson True as a replacement but the Yonex Grap overgrip is excellent and one I use over the stock Volkl. Tacky, soft and it lasts quite a while.