Which Luxilon for my New KPro Tour

Discussion in 'Strings' started by th41291, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I just got a Wilson KPro Tour to replace my K6.1 95 (16x18, which I thought was a little heavy for me. (I couldn't "whip" it fast enough, being only a high school player.)

    Anyway, I had been using ALU Rough on my 6.1, and since I'm not much of a string breaker (and these are Luxilon strings, too), I was thinking of trying either Ace 112 or TiMo 110. Which one would you recommend? Or should I stick with my ALU Rough, or maybe try ALU Power Fluoro 17?

    I'm an aggressive all-court player, who likes to blast first serves. My forehand is the weapon of choice. And I like to absolutely destroy them with topspin. What do you think?

    (Maybe this is superficial, but Ace does come in green, which would match the racquet :D)
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