Which modern player is Bjorne Borg most like?

Which modern player is Bjorne Borg most like?

  • Federer

    Votes: 3 13.0%
  • Nadal

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • Djokovic

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Murray

    Votes: 2 8.7%

  • Total voters


I mean playing style wise and the mentality of Borg.

I think playing style is Djokovic and mentality is federer.

Nadal is the villas of this era only the courts same catered too nadals style.

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DJ imo. Agreed Nadal is more like a souped up grade A version of Vilas


I'd say Federer. His forehand is Federers' father and his backhand is a hybrid of the one and two. Not to mention they have similar accomplishments at the All-England club, and though Borg chose to be a grinder, he was very capable of offense, defense and solid netplay. Rogi-Lite.


Tough to compare him to any one player. Mentally he was second to none - his normal ❤ rate was much lower than the average human. Impenetrable like Djokovic, hybrid backhand, strong forehand, finished at net a lot, serve and volleyed at Wimby, approached net with bh slice on all surfaces, clutch first serve


the game has changed so stylistically it's a tough call. simon's game actually has similarities although he hits with less spin. djokovic's A game is close, it's the same 'what do i have to do to hit through this guy?' effect on his opponents.
On the money with the Simon playing comparison.

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Djokovic and Borg two of the most complete players. Both very similar in strenghts.


Clearly none of you has ever seen Bjorne [sic] play in the flesh going by your bizarre answers. Of those four absolutely no question he's most like Nadal.

Like Fed ? Does Fed hit his forehand 40 feet high over the net waiting for Vilas to miss ? I don't think so. I sat through too many of Borg's (artful) grind fests not to recognize his soul mate. VAMOS !
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I saw him play at Wimbledon ;)
I was only a kid though.

Yes, imagine Nadal with wood or perhaps Ferrer a little bit.

I'm half Swedish, his name is spelt
Björn BTW.


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He's not a lot like any of them, except in that his forehand -- the spinniest, most consistent, most difficult to break down shot in all of pro tennis -- was his biggest weapon. Which is pretty Nadalian. But Borg had ice water in his veins, a big serve that won him a lot of free points, and won by being less emotional than his opponents, not more.

He was a lot like Nadal on clay, but not much like any of them anywhere else.

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borg was pretty much like nadal on every surface......a sheer workhorse at the baseline with movement comparable to that of rafa.......