Which of Federer, Murray and Wawrinka had the greater 2015 season?

Federer 2015 vs Murray 2015 vs Wawrinka 2015 in terms of greatness?

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Murray had the most points because he was the most consistent, and won two masters titles beating Djokovic once, but 'only' one slam final where he melted halfway and posted 1-2 RR loss at the YEC.

Federer had slightly fewer points, and won one masters title though beating Djokoray made it extra cool, but also made two slam finals giving ok fight (4/23 don't remind lol), and the YEC final too.

Wawrinka had the fewest points of the three, but won a slam in legendary fashion. He actually did well in all slams and the YEC, being two games away from reaching SF in all of them; it's his early masters losses that cost him in ranking points.

Results specifics:


SLAMS F-SF-SF-4R (Djokovic, Djokovic, Federer, Anderson)
YEC 1-2 RR (Nadal, Wawrinka)
MASTERS 2*W, 2*F, 3*SF (beat Nadal, Djokovic, lost to Djokovic x4, Federer)
MUGS: Queens 500 W, Munich 250 W


SLAMS: 3R-QF-F-F (Seppi, Wawrinka, Djokovic, Djokovic)
YEC 3-0 F (Djokovic)
MASTERS: 1*W, 2*F (all Djokovic)
MUGS: Dubai, Halle, Basel 500 W, Brisbane, Istanbul 250 W


SLAMS: SF-W-QF-SF (Djokovic, [W]Djokovic, Gasquet, Federer)
YEC 2-1 SF (Nadal, Federer)
MASTERS: 2*SF, 2*QF (Djokovic x2, Federer, Nadal)
MUGS: Rotterdam, Tokyo 500 W, Chennai 250 W
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Wawrinka's slam is great but can you imagine how horrible that year would have been if Federer wasn't there to have all those great matches with Djokovic. Wawa just had a moment, Fed had moments.
Stan was poor in M1000s.
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What is this supposed to mean?

Check the results breakdown, Stan was surprisingly consistent for most of the year. He had a lull posting a 3-4 record in 4 consecutive masters until Rome, besides that he was fine.
Sorry! I meant at M1000s. He was really good at slams.


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What would have happened if Wawrinka instead of Gasquet had been Djokovic's rival in the Wimbledon semifinals 2015?


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Poor start, as I pointed out. Was fine in the second half. Unlucky to draw Nadal in 3 masters QFs but surprisingly posted 2-1 record (beat him in Rome and Paris, lost in Shanghai(, of course it's 2015dal but still a top player so it counts for something.
Lost easy in Cincy though even after Rome to Djokovic. Don’t think he did that well in Canada if I recall. Played well in Paris until the last set vs Novak but lost the first set 6-0 in the end.


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Wawrinka as he won a major.

Then Federer as he made 2 finals and managed to beat Novak 3 times.

Then Murray as even though he ended as number 2 and made AUS Open final he didn't do too well against Roger and Novak overall that year (1-8 in total).


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Wawrinka won a slam. That immediately elevates his season considerably. When you add to that 2 additional slam SFs, I think it gives him a good case for best season overall.

As others have said, Federer was overall the second best player that year, even though Wawrinka probably had the 'greater' season. Not only did he make 2 slam finals and the WTF final, he also handed Djokovic 3 of his 6 defeats that year. Wawrinka and Murray got a win off Djokovic each


It's a tough one. Wawrinka's Roland Garros final is maybe the single greatest moment of all of 2015 on the mens tour, it was an astounding moment, but there was a lot of disappointment at the other three slams (surrendering his Australian title with a bagel, Gasquet, still being as pathetic as ever against Federer).

Murray, I mean... No, I don't think there's much case for Murray in spite of whatever consistency he may have displayed.

Federer with those 2 slam finals, the badass Cincinnati display, and for me probably most impressively and importantly in this discussion the absolutely comprehensive owning of a very, very game Murray in that Wimbledon semi final tip this pretty comfortably his way.


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its Federer and not even close. His 2015 and 2017 session were identical. Just that in 2015 there was Djokovic to meet him at the business end. Without Djokovic 2015 would have exactly same as his 2017. I had done some analysis to find that he woudl have had same winning % and may be same number of titles including 2 GS - W and USO.